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When it is advisable to use column and knee type milling machine and when bed type



When it is advisable to use column and knee type milling machine and when bed type ?

Bed Type



Knee and Column Milling machine


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It seems pretty obvious that the bed type machine is the preferred choice when the work piece is long and requires support over a long length. This is especially true when the work area is also long, such as milling a long, flat surface.

The principal advantage of the column and knee machine is that it requires far less shop floor space. It is better suited to smaller work pieces that can be adequately supported on the knee. The available work area is correspondingly smaller.

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I could be wrong, but I don't think you get a knee-and-column CNC mill. The bed-type mill can move much faster, especially in the z-axis, so it should be the more productive machine. As I said, I could be wrong.

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