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Calling Mechanical Engineers to collaborate on Twitter



If you are a mechanical engineering professional and have a twitter account .. we invite you in our mechanical engineering  campaign to collaborate on twitter..

Retweet the following status on https://twitter.com/mechportal/status/646544243649961985


Look forward for your presence.


Mechanical Engineeirng forum


Recommended Comments

How can there be much collaboration in 140 characters? This is not enough to state clearly what the problem is, much less to propose solutions. I do not see the point.


I agree with you on the point of limiting 140 character for interaction...

The central system has to be the website ..but this can help us to reach more mechanical engineers and the magic of #tags can take the problem to right solution providers / subject experts....



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The word "collaborate" literally means to "work together." How do you expect this to operate? Most employed engineers are working on the projects of their employers (that is what employment is all about, after all). If they divulge the nature of their projects, without a formal contractual relation with a consultant, they risk being sacked. We really don't want to see anyone out of a job!

So I repeat, how do you expect this to work? How can people collaborate?


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