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Introducing android app for Mechanical Engineeirng forum



Today we have introduced the android app version 1 - the very basic app which will show you the latest discussion on your mobile phone.

You can download the same from



This is a very basic app to give  a start .. we look forward for senior members , developers to associate to make it one of the best app for mechanical engineering profession 

We request you to install the app on your phone and ask all your mechanical engineeirng friends to install the same..


Saurabh Jain




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11 minutes ago, Dhrumil said:

Dear Saurabh, 

It's a nice thing that your team had launched this app I had already downloaded this. But it's only for view current discussion and if I wants to join discussion then I have to go through any browser. Same way if I wants to see ME Gallery,  ME Forum etc..  from app again I have to go through browse.

Also if I didn't open it for 4-5 days then I surely miss many discussion.

Although it's a basic version but no meaning of this.Sorry bro but when I got message seriously I was very happy and quickly download the app. But then I found almost nothing... 

Waiting for new version of application eagerly...  






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