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The question is heavily generic.

Classification of engine can be in any manner - Automobile/Aerospace/Space, Diesel/Petrol, Single cylinder/multi-cylinder, Jet engines, Turbo-fan.....The list can be quite huge. If you can be a bit precise, it will be helpful




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Aoa brother!! There are a lot of ways of classification of engine as mentioned above.. Here are some which i know:

On the basis of combustion:

1.Internal Combustion

2.External Combustion

On the basis of strokes:

1.2 stroke


On the basis of fuel type:

1.Solid fuel

2.Liquid fuel...

  Others include on the basis of number of cylinders(single,double,multicylinders), type of cooling(air cooled,water cooled).etc


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Modern vertical marine engines once were called "inverted".  That was because screw propellers came after paddle wheels and the cylinders of paddle steamers were below the paddle shaft - or Inclined.

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