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Mechanical Engineering

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Group is the chain of HVAC&R design professionals across the world. Here one can find the expert Design engineers of Mechanical services. Share your thoughts and design about HAVC in group. Help other professionals with their issues. Lets share knowledge and make the world a better habitable place.

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  2. The photo shows the self-cleaning of a 10TR fancoil. ENG. MECHANICAL RESPONSIBLE GLAUBER GARCEZ CAMPOS CREA AM 7370-D Beirut Street, n. 20, qd. 29, cj. Campos Elíseos - Manaus / AM - CEP: 69045-210 Tel: (92) 3307-7881 Cel: (092) 98245-1000 and (092) 99137-4716 glaubergarcez@hotmail.com and washair.am@hotmail.com
  3. Good evening to all my respected fellow mechanical engineers. I would like to begin by introducing myself. I am Aniket Malekar and I am student of prefinal year of mechanical engineering. I am currently pursuing my course in the Univ. Of Pune, India in a private college. I just appeared for my exams and I am about to be promoted to the final year of the course. When I chose to pursue my studies in mechanical engg I had the least idea of the scope in careers as a Mechanical engg. I chose this field as I took quite some interest in automobiles. However during the coarse of my study I

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