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  2. HAZOP, which stands for hazard and operability study, is used to identify abnormalities in the working environment and pinpoint the root causes of the abnormalities. It deals with comprehensive and complex workplace operations, which, if malfunctions were to occur, could lead to significant injury or loss of life. HAZID stands for hazard identification. It is more of a general risk analysis tool designed to alert management to threats and hazards as early in the process as possible. The classification is made on the basis of probability and consequences. A HAZID study provides a qualitative analysis of a work site in order to determine its worker safety risk level. Both HAZID and HAZOP are risk analysis tools used in the workplace
  3. vibration is useful in many industrial applicable like material handing system, like screening..
  4. Vibration is usefull in many cases, conditions is only controlled vibrations..explore the case where vibration is useful and in what way.. Example: 1. Vibration is usefull in all musical instruments, music is created beacuse of controlled vibration. Without vibration music is not possible. Explore more benifits of vibration in industries.

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