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  2. I think you are a bit confused one one of your engineering types. Specifically, I question whether it is appropriate to speak of a "financial engineer." I think that is nonsense. Finance is based on emotions and psychology at least as much as it is on hard science. I also have to ask, why did you make this video? What is the point? I must be missing something. I really did not learn much (other than about the "financial engineer"!) DrD
  3. Dudley, you wrote your "rant" back before the recent catastrophe in Texas and the rest of the south central USA. That even just reinforces what you said about the inadequacy of wind power. It is all "feel good" and not engineering at all. The same can be said of solar. We messed up (IMHO) back in the late '70s (or was it '80s?) when we walked away from nuclear power. By now, it is quite likely we would have solved the waste disposal problem, if we had continued to pursue it. As things stand, we are still on square one. This was a good post. Thanks, Dudley. DrD
  4. You could try Freecad by Dr. A. S. Koh - url is posted beow http://www.askoh.com/ Raghu K O
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  6. Greetings! I am working at a 1223 MW CCPP installed with 2 x GE H class gas turbines and 1 x Alstom triple pressure steam turbine. We are having a shutdown these days and got a chance to go inside the condenser or LP turbine exhaust section. There, we saw an open flange at either side of the LP turbine after its final stage and before de-superheating nozzles manifold. That open flange is associated to a line that is going vertically in the upward direction but it cant be traced because of space issue. I have checked the cross sectional diagram of the steam turbine and according to my
  7. Today I noticed a particular of a special crane that has catched my interest. In the crane roof supports are present winkel bearings. Their axial adjustment is made with a central M12 grab screw in the support... the problem is that the bearing is then fixed with 4 M14 socket screws that oppose to the adjusting screw. Isn’t there a risk that the central screw collapse or its thread hole? Thanks
  8. Hi, i'm new to this website and I wanted a clarification about the units of Pressure for Kn m^(-)2. What the actual purpose of the minus sign being in front of the two and how will this affect my conversion factors? Let's say i wanted to convert to Nm, will the minus need to be eliminated in order to achieve Nm?
  9. Hello, I am a final year student from the University of Bath currently conducting surveys for my dissertation. It would be a huge help if anyone is interested in filling out my survey which is aimed towards engineers, researchers, and professors of the manufacturing field. https://forms.gle/7dwn8jtxVNoA4gPV9 It will take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time. and we are happy to respond to any queries or questions. Please private message us to avoid giving away the point of the study to others. Thank you for your time.
  10. Hi there, I am NOT an engineer but I want to make convert pedal power from a bike to power a smoothie and also turn a circular knitting machine and maybe a few more things too. I have pics of how far I have got - the bike has no wheels and is stabilised, and my thought was to use the gears and adapt a chain somehow to create vertical to horizontal motion to power the smoothie maker. It has to be powerful as if it was elastic the torque would not be strong enough. The knitting machine the revolutions would have to be slowed down and the machine is made of plastic (it is like an addi but anoth
  11. Hi everybody I am an undergraduate mechanical engineering student and I am currently working on a project. I need to model the acceleration of a motorcycle from 0-100mph, taking into account road friction and drag friction, the gear ratios, power/torque curve etc. I am completely at a loss on how to do this, so I would appreciate any help I could get with this. It will be a simple flat surface so I just need a "time taken" from 0-100mph. I have the frontal area, wheel radius, power/torque curves against RPM, gear ratios etc. Also the vehicle mass and an estimated dra
  12. I am research scholar doing research on 3D/ additive manufacturing, please let me know if there any known programming software which can be used to write commands for this type of manufacturing. Also please let me where I can access such program, where I could learn, could I get any code for it?
  13. Hello everyone! Hope everyone reading is having a splendid day! I have been thinking about this for some time, but couldn't come to a conclusion, and would appreciate some assistance to deduce the answer. Assuming we have a 3m diameter, 100m length pipe submerged vertically in water, and we open the bottom inlet, how do we find the flow rate, force, and velocity of the water at certain heights along the pipe? Lets say 5m above the inlet.. I understand that as it approaches the surface, due to the Bernoulli Theorem, the velocity approaches 0, and i couldn't find any formulas to calcul
  14. I personally believe that IQ cannot be concluded by what a school can examine. Just like how grades are not a factual representation of your learning ability or “smartness”.
  15. I am an innovative 18 year old man who had a tragic accident about a year and a half ago which has left my right leg with permanently damaged nerves and muscle in the thigh area. Needless to say I require a cane to not fall on my face when it gives out. I have been searching and searching for an unique cane. After not finding what I have been looking for, I have decided to attempt to create my own, a cane with the ability to switch between lengths with a simple button/lever press. I already have some (very basic) schematics planned out but I would like YOUR help in solving some problems I
  16. Chain length: 1400mm. Pitch of the chain: 12,7mm Diameter:Ø55mm for z=12 Diameter:Ø71mm for z=16 Diameter:Ø87mm for z=20 Hello friends, Can someone who has knowledge of how to calculate the speed transferred to the sprocket wheel can help in such systems with various gear numbers (z = 20, 16)? Even if you do not know this system, can you at least give some information on how to proceed. Here, a speed of about 1400/15 to 93.33rpm is transferred from the reducer to the gear wheel with 20 teeth. How can I do the calculations after this stage? My goal is, for exampl
  17. Hello, my professor asked me to interview someone who works in logistics, but I don't know anyone. Could someone in the field answer these, please? 1. Where do you work and what is your role? 2. How long have you worked in this industry? 3. What degrees and certifications do you have? 4. What was your career path to this position? Do you have aspirations to continue growing in this field? 5. Tell me about a time you had a demanding customer? How did you manage this relationship? 6. Do you have experience with forecasting? Logistics metrics? Elaborate. 7. What are the main chal
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  19. Thank you so much for your explanatory reply.
  20. The link is the opposite but still applies see link to topic in this forum Seaengine design to use combined rising air bubbles as force - Mechanical engineering Ideas - Mechanical Engineering (mechanical-engg.com)
  21. Output of this machine is 118,428 pounds of lifting force moving at 33 feet per second at any one moment in time How can I convert the above to electric output
  22. I have designed a machine to produce work & I am not sure if it could work. I need to apply this working machine into some form of program to determine its potential. I have attached a drawing of the machine. What program could I use to run the program with changeable variables BTW use “paint” to open the drawing. These are a few basic principles [1] an enclosed container (X) of air submerged in water has a lifting force (Y) equal to the volume of the water displaced minus the weight of the container; [2] connecting multiple containers one on top of the other creates a combined
  23. I need to know if someone has seen this topic and likes/dislikes it for whatever reason
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