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  2. Installation is putting the equipment where it is supposed be according to design requirements. Commissioning is testing the reliability of the equipment like Mechanical Run Test (MRT) for pumps, NDT, solo run etc
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  4. Hello Engineers, I would like to ask for your help about Energy Analysis. What is your Energy Analysis Outline, Procedure and Process? I am still confused about it. Thank you and Stay Safe
  5. https://youtu.be/MoPdjt2LGTM Pls find above youtube video link on vehicle Cooling system development ppt by me. Pls like and subscribe.
  6. Outsourcing sheet metal design services is the best way to gain probability in closed loop manufacturing process. Various benefits of sheet metal design will definitely help to choose best outsourcing firm among the current scenarios. To know more the specific benefits of Sheet Metal Design? Just get into this.
  7. Can anybody explain what is a precision welded tube? What are the types of precision welded tubes? Thanks in advance
  8. Was this an advertisement for Solidworks or Hitech CADD Services. It seems to promote those two companies, and no others.
  9. Designing a machine or a product involving moving parts is common. This kind of design process requires performing motion simulation – also known as rigid body dynamics. Consider a classic Mechanics example of an elliptical trammel used to trace ellipses. A designer can define mates to perform assembly animation in a normal CAD program available today, to see how the components of the trammel mechanism move. However, the speed of the motion is irrelevant and timing is arbitrary in this case of assembly animation. In order to find velocities, accelerations, joint reactions, and other deta
  10. CAD designs are spread over a large horizon. So answering one particular software isn’t correct because every industrial or mechanical design application can be addressed by certain CAD software. However, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor are few of the popular CAD software that are versatile and widely accepted by industrial design engineers and manufacturing firms.
  11. Great article i made a same article on lathe machine operations
  12. Recent power outages in California before the current fires reveal the weakness of "green" power solutions. While these sound good, in practice they are not resilient and have little reserve, thus falter when stretched. This trend will only worsen. Managing diverse power resources is a rapidly growing field creating jobs. You might want to explore this topic.
  13. Please repost with description. The pdf says "unavailable".
  14. I have seen this same thing many times. The overall surfaces are experiencing typical corrosion, which can be surprisingly difficult to prevent. The more extreme spots (especially the ones circled) were initiated by handling (bumped, scraped, dinged). The less extreme spots arise from debris that is no longer present, but facilitated and concentrated the chemical attach at those locations. These surfaces are not in the least unusual. Preventing this from happening requires considerable diligence and at least one of several available coatings. Note that if you coat a surface and it has any flaw
  15. If you're going to eventually make a living, ditch the Mac and get a Windows laptop. I am no fan of Bill Gates or Windows, but I accept the facts of life as they are. Unless you're going to work for the government or stay in academia, LINUX is also out. The vast majority of engineering software runs on Windows and most businesses circulate documents and spreadsheets created with MSO. There is no need to buy a new machine. Good reconditioned laptops are readily available on the Web for $200. After decades of industrial use, I can also say that Dell laptops significantly outlast all others. [No,
  16. There are many creative designs for cooling chips, especially graphics processors, created by users with available parts. I am surprised that you have not found images of these with a Google search. Try different search patterns and don't give up.
  17. If there is any way you could co-op (work for a company who builds agricultural mechanization devices for several months each year) that would be most enlightening. I know a recent graduate of the university here who has already participated in exciting implementations and has several job offers to choose from. This is a wonderfully productive and growing profession.
  18. Sounds like you are narrowing your question to friction losses in the rack and pinion only, exclusive of the guide mechanism. This depends upon the details of the tooth design (arc of approach/arc of recess) and upon the lubrication. If done well, these will probably be small relative to the friction in the guides. DrD
  19. Thank you for the reply. If I was to simplify my question, I would ask how to calculate the friction losses that occur in a rack and pinion for a vertical lifting operation. The assembly slides relative to each other on the bearings shown. However, I am concerned about calculating how much frictional losses will we get due to the interaction of the rack and pinion when the 100kg load is hung on the cantilever rod.
  20. Friction will be a major problem, and it all depends upon how you guide the moving member. What do you plan to use as a guide? There is simple sliding contact, various ball or roller guides, etc. A lot depends upon your budget, but the better the guide quality, the easier your system will work. DrD
  21. Hello all, I am trying to design a telescopic elevating platform based on a rack and pinion configuration. The design is based on this video from youtube (click the link here). The video shoes this in a horizontal configuration. I want to use this mechanism to build a vertical lift. For that I need to perform some calculations. The telescoping effect achieved by this mechanism is of practical use in compact applications. Can anyone please help me out with the calculations needed to size the motors and the size if the rack and pinon for this? Please see the diagrams attached to get a bett
  22. Hi guys I am a student in my second year of technical engineering,I am studying in the agricultural mechanization engineering department,I want advice about my major and what should I care about it.. Engineering programs or Other things,Also, I really don't know what my duties are when I become an engineer Note :I live in Syria and it is difficult to rely on my college ,The duration of studying engineering in Syria is five years
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  24. Hello, we are currently working on our bachelors project, and are designing an AGV for indoor farms with holes and irregularities in the floor. Since we have not worked with vehicle design before, we have a few challenges regarding writing a good problem-formulating, mainly regarding holes. We have som erough ideas about the kind of holes that we need to be able to traverse, but are not sure how to classify / quantify them. Does anyone know how holes and irregularities are classified? Thanks in advance Viktor
  25. The discharge pressure of a pump is lower than the calculated value of discharge pressure using the pump head. What could be the possible reasons?
  26. Everything is so expensive. And too many features when all I want is the most basic programming to design simple linkages, in motion.
  27. Hi guys, Does anyone of you work on seat in automotive industries? Do you know ECE R14 regulamentation? Thanks in any case. Gennaro
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