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  2. I want to find a physical metallurgical book that the author is good at


  3. Solidworks - Two parts joined together with table bearing

    Let me throw a ball here. When doing a simulation, I can suppress the bearing. But I've been wondering if I can define bearings contact faces and say to the solidworks: "This selected face is connected to this face and should pass the force to the fixtures through this connection." Or do I just do it as: "These faces are in fixed position and pass force of N to the fixtures"?
  4. (lapping ) It is a controlled mechanical sanding or polishing process that involves an abrasive between two surfaces that are rubbed together to create an accurate finish on a part. Depending on the material and application for the part, lapping can be one sided or two sided. It can be used to create a specific surface roughness. For Metal Cutting and our customers, the primary goal of lapping is to achieve a very accurate flat surface; however, lapping can also be used to obtain a domed surface, such as a convex lens or mirror. The process of lapping can be applied to a wide range of materials, including metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, or silicon substrate. Thanks to the precision with which material can be removed, lapping can produce surface finishes in the nanometer (or 0.001 μm) range. ( Honing ) machines are metal abrading tools and process utilizing hard tooling and perishable abrasives stones for the correction of Diameter Shape Surface finish Positional tolerances of bores The hone process was developed to allow for perfection of bore geometry, size control, final surface finish and surface structuring. The honing process provides the final sizing and creates the desired finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylinder bores. Finishing is accomplished by expanding abrasive stones of suitable grit and grade against the work surface. The stones are rotated and reciprocated in the part with hone abrasive under controlled pressure. Combining rotation and reciprocation produces a cross-hatch pattern in the surface of the part being honed.
  5. Solidworks - Two parts joined together with table bearing

    Typically you design bearing using calculation (i.e. 20 years life). The other two components are analyzed separately. Their contact area with bearing could be considered as fixed support. Alternatively, you could follow this tutorial. This would work on simple assembly with good geometry (on tutorial/example in books, not in real life components) Mind you, assembly simulation with "special contact" usually doesn't work in complex assembly. So the first method usually applied. The tutorial is a very conservative way to handle things. A more PC way to handle connection shown here: http://www.javelin-tech.com/blog/2015/02/solidworks-simulation-bearing-connector/
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  7. How shuttle valve and solenoid valve works ?
  8. I've used Solidworks for simulation for some time, but started to wonder how to simulate two parts that are joined together by table bearing. Table bearing requires to leave a gap between two parts, but how would I simulate this in Solidworks? Let's say that we have YRT325 table bearing. Should it be excluded out of simulation between two parts and use some kind of contact plot between two parts?
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  10. How To Become An Expert

    I'm glad you thought so. DrD
  11. Difference between Pipes and Tubes?

    A pipe is thicker than a tube.
  12. Why did you choose to be an Engineer?

    In highschool I admired machinery, the machining of parts and assembling afterwards,and watching them worked perfectly. Upon high school I decided to improve by reading Mechanical Engineering.
  13. What is CRDI technology in Diesel engine and how it's work?

    Hai i'm from indonesian. Why in CRDI.. if we running out of gas . After we full in tank again.. the engine cant stabilize againt ? And the problem always injector bushing pump and scanning over again ?? It is best combust.. i agree.. but it is not suit for villager user. And it pushing driver for always keep the tank not empty or out of gas while driving by.
  14. Hi Henry, Thanks for your reply. I've sent you a pm to discuss further. Thanks, Cris
  15. Power transmission from engine to rear wheel.


  16. How To Become An Expert

    Worth reading
  17. Download Fire Safety Books collection Direct mediafire links Fire Safety
  18. Mechanical Engineering project Ideas

    Im intrested in motorized wheel chair please help me do that project
  19. Hardness Testing

    You should also know how to read the hardness chart. It helps a lot while converting hardness values.
  20. what is meant by crankcase ventilation ?

    A crankcase ventilation system is a one way passage for gases to escape in a controlled manner from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine
  21. Types of Welding

    Dear Admin, Thanks a lot for your wonderful work. I really appreciate your work. I wish if pdf format was available.it will provide more comfort to learn the topics with more ease. Another thing that I felt that contents provided are awesome but at the GATE level you need to improve a lot...lots of materials should be added so that for those who are preparing for GATE or other Engineering competitive Exams can get much more benefits. Thanks again... Wish you and all the members, all the best for your future. Regards Vishal S.

    Welding and Fabrication Books

    30 Free engineering Drawing and CAD EBOOKS
  24. Shaft typically using steel for better damping properties. Choose the easiest material to find (SS400 for East Asia, ASTM A36 for US or St.37 for Germany) For aluminum shaft, aluminum 6061-T6 works alright. Connection to rotor could be using flange (bolted) or simple welding for small shaft (with low torque). Mechanical (drum) brake is the default for most applications. A braking system called eddy-current brake would be an alternative to mechanical brake, as mechanical brake need shoes replacement. Depends on needs, a locking mechanism could also be applied. These all are based on small vertical windmills that I design/my company manufacture. You are welcome to contact me further by PM or e-mail. Please don't send ur design.
  25. Hi all, I'm new to this forum so am hoping to get some good advice as well as give my input as well. I am not yet an engineer, but a student with alot of ambition and I am currently working on creating a brand new type of motor from scratch that will power a boat of all things. The motor design is quite basic so it will be bread and butter to some of you for sure. What I'm looking for is anyone who can give me some general advice on the motor along the way and maybe solve some of the issues I currently have with it. Some of the areas I need advice on are; - Some material choices for the axles/prop shafts and how best to connect them to rotors - General advice and feedback on my design - Advice on a breaking system that would work best for my motor If you can help, please let me know and I'll share my designs with you. I don't really want to share them publicly at the moment until I've patented the design so prefer to share privately but we can discuss here on the forum. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you, Mitch
  26. The Twin Charger uses both a turbocharger (driven off the exhaust gas) and a supercharger (driven off the engine) in sequence. First, the supercharger is engaged at low speeds where the exhaust is too weak to drive the turbos. Then, at higher speeds when the turbos are generating boost, the supercharger is disengaged. The idea is to overcome the inevitable "turbo lag" at low speeds. This is not the same as the turbocharged 2-stroke diesels, which rely on supercharging for scavenging, but may have a turbo to produce intake boost upstream of the supercharger.
  27. Mechanical Engineering project Ideas

    HEre's throwing you a bone.... How about floating windmills. You design windmills on a floating platform, much like offshore oil platform/rig. Consideration of the ocean wave and current... also the wind conditions.
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