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  2. Books required

    Hi Hello frnds, i need the pdf file of following books Thermodynamics - P.K.Nag Strength of Material - R.K.Bansal Please share the files as soon as possible. Thank you Best Regards
  3. Hello frnds

    I need PDF of following books

    Thermodynamics - by P.K,Nag

    Strength of materials - R.K.Bansal

    Please send me the following pdf as soon as possible.


    Best regards

  4. Hi hello friends,

     an any please share the pdf file of 

    Thermodynamics by P.K Nag and

    Strength of material by R. K.bansal...

    Please share it as soon as possible 

    Thank you,

    Best Regards

  5. want to learn cad cam

    Learning CAD CAM Learning a CAD/CAM system can be a trial, but with CAD CAM coaching choices, it is easy! We provide a wide range of coaching choices such as web based programs, in-person coaching, guides, and DVDs. All Mastercam Approved Merchants have professional, extensive coaching alternatives for their Mastercam clients. Be sure to check with them for your regional coaching choices. CNC Application provides on the internet business coaching (must be bought through authorized resellers) at CRB Tech. This video recording coaching allows you learn at your own speed and can be used to get ready for the formal cad cam Certification. CNC Application also provides coaching on all our cad cam products, through both our commercial and academic business workplaces. Course explanations and plans for commercial coaching through CNC Application are proven below. read more at: Learning CAD CAM
  6. Hi everyone I am from IECO VIETNAM company . My company special supply all equipments for industry making Doors ,use material aluminum and plastic Our product include : machine cutting Alu one head Machine cutting Alu double head Hydraulic corner crimping machine for aluminum profile machine copy Routers end Milling machines Pvc working machine You can contact our following Address : No3 - Phan Trong Tue Road - Ha DONG Province - Ha Noi City - VietNam Website :http://maygiacongcuanhom.vn/may-cat-nhom-2-dau-k10 Thanks for attention
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  9. https://boilersinfo.com/books
  10. Mechanical Engineer

    career tips for mechanical engineers After becoming a mechanical engineer successfully the journey doesn’t stop there you need to constantly upgrade yourself for more varied job opportunities. Read this bog to know more: Think out of box You might have passed of mechanical engineering college degree but then when you switch on to a company you need to understand the basic ideas with respect to electronics and computers as well. So it would be better for you to learn the basics of these field. Do not break the rules If you could think freely then you most of the colleges or universities treat you as a special student and gives you recognition. In industry although you need to think out of the box you need to follow the set of rules with respect to the company and have a good conduct with your managers or else move on. Learn New thingsAs the technology is changing continously you need to know and upgrade yourself with the latest techniques. Take up new assignments and opportunities. Even your company will help you with lots of paid training programs. Understand the product design and data analysis and just go with the flow.
  11. Monorail hoist work rank

    How to obtain the hoist's work rank? The work rank is the comprehensive working characteristic parameter of the crane. The high capacity doesn’t means the high work rank. Even if the hoist has the same capacity, the safety factor of the components is different as long as the work level is different. If the low work rank hoist be used in full load frequently, it will accelerate the vulnerable parts scrapped, and even cause the accident. For detail: Monorail hoist work rank
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  13. God Job Man, It is good to finally see one of you guys here Shihata

  14. Hello, I will appreciate if somebody can advise me a book which describes design of gave valves. The friction forces and stresses due those forces in junction between sealing ring and closing disk are of the most interest. Best regards, Sergey Dukman
  15. cad cam technology

    CAD/CAM software is used to both design and manufacture products. Autodesk offers both CAD and CAM software to help make the process cost-effective. CAD is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. CAD/CAM applications are used to both design a product and programme manufacturing processes, specifically, CNC machining. CAM software uses the models and assemblies created in CAD software to generate tool paths that drive the machines that turn the designs into physical parts. CAD/CAM software is most often used for machining of prototypes and finished parts.
  16. Mechanical Engineering project Ideas

    I have not seen anyone try to develop a cheap digging machine. I started making one myself, am halfway to trying it. But the geometry is wrong, I don't have enough leverage for the pincer movement.
  17. can any one send me pdf of  “Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing”, W. J. Luzadder, Prentice Hall


    1. Kabilan Kamaraj

      Kabilan Kamaraj


      I have attached the PDF book of Engineering Drawing.

      Please find the attachment.

      Thank you...


  18. Turbocharger

    Turbo charger is not a single component it is a Assemble. It has 7 major parts and 60 - 70 child parts. Please take a overview of the main parts of turbocharger and learns the functions, purpose, manufacturing methods and also types of Turbo charger. Then please take the over view of Design process of Turbocharger parts I am Kabilan Kamaraj. Working in Engineering Design team as an R&D Engineer in Turbo Energy Pvt ltd, Chennai (TVS group of companies). what ever the clarifications regarding Turbo charger you can contact me at any time. Mail id : kabilmech66@gmail.com ph no : +918270731631 Thank you.
  19. Does hysteresis occurs in helical extension spring? If yes,what really causes it to happen? How can it be reduced??
  20. Mechanical Engineering project Ideas

    This blog is a guide to improve the turnaround of both mechanical designing and making of prototypes parts during an early stage of the development program of a product or technology. Besides the complexity of the development of a product development, there will be something new which carries risk. Delays at the start of any project can cast a big shadow in several ways on a project. Know the risks Once an idea has to be developed, identifying the risks must be first detailed. Begin with a design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA). For many of us, it is difficult to leave a document halfway, but it’s significant to get the result. Leaving the DFMEA too late, to show final due diligence and complete the design documentation, will not disclose the risks. Finding the concern and to rate them by a relative severity then imagined occurrence. Multiplying the ratings will yield a Risk Priority Number (RPN) to rank the concerns. Parallel Designing For each known risk, beginning with the highest risk priority number, where possible design a test piece. These simple pieces must be quite simple to make and test fast. Parallel ways, the design of the final assembly must be started. There would be changes to the design but a large proportion of the work will reduce the overall time to complete. Development engineering is not inefficient one, but high-performance activity. With speed being important there is some wastage of engineering time and materials. Sourcing Parts To source, low volume parts on a fast turnaround are challenging. Online rapid machined or molded services are available between the following day and one week. A workshop with a few experienced employees could produce quality parts on a rapid turnaround. They are mostly local and often don’t have any online presence, but operates verbally, so you need to ask everyone and keep a contact book. Feedback As results always influence the design, both test assemblies and the final assembly design, update the FMEA and manage the next highest RPN. Keep a focus on the highest risk concerns and do not get stuck lowering one concern to the lowest score. Mapped Process The constant change in focus and rework of the final assembly might appear chaotic, but using the DFMEA and workflow is the best way to communicate the risks and progress of the project to the team. The process can rapidly lower the chances of an accidental delay of the project but also keeps the focus of the team on a few critical aspects. Hope this information is of help to you. Keep visiting this space to know more. Are you seeking for CAD CAM certification course in Pune? Then you must join CRB Tech Solutions. We offer one of the best training courses in CAD CAM in Pune. If you want to do training in design processes, you must have a good hold over the subject and with our quality and structured CAD/CAM courses, you can remain ahead of the competition. If you are looking for good industry opportunities in CAD Cam jobs in Pune, then join their CAE Institute in Pune which offers the best training through mechanical design engineering courses
  21. Is the engineering found to make our life an easy, smart, comfortable and interesting..?!

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  23. What is the effect of center distance on speed and torque of vehicles? ???

  24. From where i can get "Elements Of Fuels Furnaces And Refractories By Op Gupta" If anyone have it please send it to me.?

    Multiple Mechanical Functions can Be Successful by using Only one Drive.
  26. What are the design formula and design factors for designing of Turbocharger?
  27. Which CAD package I chose for my professional career?

    For designing, you can opt for anyone of the following : Catia, Solidworks, Auto-Cad For Analysis, you can opt for Ansys or Hypermesh.

    Hi friends, I am a SolidCAM training expert and thecnical support engineer. I know intermediate level post prosses. I can help you about SolidWorks and SolidCAM software.
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