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  3. Cad tool for Mechanical part

    I think CATIA is the best CAD design software, mechanical engineers use all over the world, because simply it is used by the vast majority of the big companies in fields like automotive and aeronautical engineering. Speaking of myself, I worked with SolidWorks, Inventor and CATIA, and I find the latter as the best between them, even though there are a lot of similarities between them. For beginners who want to learn mechanical design, Solidworks is the best to begin with.
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  5. Version 1.0.0

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    Esta hoja de cálculo desarrolla problemas a nivel de ingeniería, en el campo de Diseño de Elementos de Maquinas, específicamente de engranes rectos y helicoidales. Basado en el libro de Diseño en Ingeniería Mecánica de Shigley 8th edición – Richard G. Budynas y J. Keith Nisbett. Cualquier consulta al correo:

    What is the main works of autodesk 3dx max
  7. HFO Seperation

    I have oil leaking from the bowl hood and it goes to the sludge compartment instead of the sludge, in addition to that, the running pressure is always low shown on the multi monitor.
  8. Driving wheel for chain hoist

    In many over head crane with manual operation, chain drive is provided. In that one wheel is provided with chain and with help of chain one can rotate that wheel to move the crane accordingly... One more example, manual operated shutter of warehouse, where chain is provided to open and close the door as required. Sizing and selection of that chain, and chain wheel is based on applicable load.
  9. In case of coal based power plant, material handling system (supply of coal to boiler and waster management) is most common problem. Maintaining quality of water , Other routine problems like stream trap failure, operation of High pressure pump, maintaining the quality of fuel to maintain pressure and temperature in boiler case of steam turbine leakage of coil /tube bundle of heat exchanger , etc. There are many other problems which can be eliminated by preventive maintenance.
  10. HFO Seperation

    You need to provide complete details of your problem, so one can help you to get solution, with half details situation may be worse then present.
  11. further to the above reply from Mr. D, for wheel, it is required higher energy required to rotate square or rectangle wheel than circular wheel.
  12. catia

    Yes, there is global certification available for CATIA. You will have to appear for the certification exams conducted by Dassault Systemes. The first certificate which you will get is 'Associate mechanical design - CATIA V5/V6'. For this you will have to register on Dassault Systemes website. I guess you can give this exam in around 100 USD. This certificate is recognised worldwide and can strengthen one's resume. One can give more advanced exams and can achieve professional and expertcertificates too. Associate certificate is a basic one.
  13. Interview Question.

    Sub zero temperature is temperature below zero degree Fahrenheit temperature. Critical temperature is the temperature of specified gas, there is no phase change even though increase in pressure of gas.
  14. Which one will cool faster??

    In most of the freezer cooling coil is provided at bottom surface, if you put bottle in horizontal position has higher contact surface with cooling coil compare to vertical position. Heat transfer by conduction is at faster rate than convection. hence horizontal bottle will cool faster
  15. What is Firing Order of 4 and 6 Cylinder Engine?
  16. Hello from cold Minnesota, For the last 7 years I've been a boiler operator in an old apartment building. Last year, are old locomotive style fire-tube boiler cracked and the condo board opted to buy a new cast iron section boiler. A plumbing company installed it, hooking it up to our old steam risers. The boiler itself is working fine, problem is the system keeps flooding and as a consequence part of the building experiences load water hammering. We've called in a several boiler services, but none can figure out the problem. We've tried changing to a larger steam trap, but that didn't work. Any ideas?
  17. Types of Clutches

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  19. Which one will cool faster??

    Liquid in horizontal bottle will freeze faster. The freezing rates depends on natural convection currents and these are more developed in bottle in horizontal position due to increased effective max and low gravity. Second reason is that surface area to Volume ratio of this particular bottle is high at the tapered end which will be filled (partly ) only when kept horizontally.
  20. The diesel lubricates the injectors and the pump. If you run out of diesel, you damage the injectors and the pump, which may either cause sensors to prevent the engine from running, or cause sufficient physical damage to cause the injectors or pump to not work.
  21. The reason why 2nd and 4th angle are not used is that all details except the outer perimeter will be hidden lines. Not much science about it, just that it will be completely confusing.
  22. For a journal bearing surface, it is obvious that a circular surface is essential; a square section in a square hole would not turn. A square section in a large round hole would have contact at 4 points at most, very little load bearing area. If we are going to use a circular section at a bearing, then there is no point at all to using a square section between the bearings. A square section would be heavier, and only a slight bit more stiff. The square section would require more material for no real benefit. Square or other polygon shapes are used for special situations, but only where the is an evident advantage in doing so.
  23. wanted Sales Engineers

    For industrial selling in Bangalore

    DME/DEE/BSC        Salary+Incentive+Petrol+Mobile


  24. theory of machine

    The theory of mechanics of machines? Well, I'm a final year mech student, so i would love to answer your question. Mechanics.Machinery.Motion.The study of machines or simple mechanisms , and the analysis of these parts connected together with links and pivots and levers is the theory of it. We could say that the geometrical analysis which includes the locating of the centre of gravity of the whole mechanism is what it is. But it's not only this. It's is also the study of the effects of forces or loads or and torque on these objects through bending moment and force diagrams . There's more . Although I think your question might find a better answer .
  25. Bike Engine cutaway.jpg

    It is not a bike engine. It is ATV engine 4x4 with CVT.
  26. If you facing any problem with mechanical designing in softwares u can ask questions
  27. two types of governor centrifugal and inertia governors
  28. governor helps to supply fuel when load varies.If the vehicle if fully loaded the supply of fuel increases and vice-versa,So the vehicle can run smoothly at constant speed without int-interrupting anything.
  29. HFO Seperation

    My separators malfunctions, can anyone help me with possible solutions?
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