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  2. Hello friends, Today we are going to discuss about milling machine in which we will know all aspects related to milling machine like parts of milling machine. The most commonly used machine after lathe machine is the milling machine. It is also a type of manufacturing machine like drilling machine, shaper machine, planer machine,etc. Basically milling machine is used for making a flat surface, slots, splines, keyways, sprockets and gears through using different types of milling cutters. Splines, slots and keyways can also be made by slotting machine which
  3. Hi everybody, first message on this forum ! I am building a machine for a friend who works with cardboard pulp, he is also a performance artist and would like a machine where 2 or 3 performers can activate the machine by hand with pulleys and wheels, and shred the pieces of cardboard that are soaking in a container filled with water. There is 4 pulleys in total and the last driven pulley is attached to a shaft with blades on it, this whole assembly constitutes the shredding mechanism. Currently the artist is shredding the cardboard with a hand drill on which is attached some very sma
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  5. Now this is entirely theoretical!! It may be possible to use "arc-spatter" to advantage. (My welder's knackered at the moment so I cannot try it to see...) If a (semi-sacrificial) earthed-point is located immediately proud of a MIG-tip, and the power and gas-flow ramped up to "silly levels", the spatter from the feed wire "should" spray on to the target metal. It will likely take some fine tuning, but - despite the increased use of gas - it may be a workable solution. Basically, the "earthed-point" will spark the arc...if the power is high enough, the metal should near-vapouri
  6. YES, This answer is right. When the beam is having more than two supports that kind of beam is called Continuous beam.
  7. I am the creator (with 3 patents) of a mechanical system that runs large electricity generators. I want to present the concept to you. APRESENTAÇAO TEXTO PARA INGL OOK.pdf
  8. Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum and I hope I will receive a good advice from you. I have an automatic station with some LVDT sensors for measuring some dimensions, specially diameters. The product is a gasoline pump, and the station is measuring the pilot body diameter, but this diameter is measured after our last flow operation, flange welding. Because of welding the temperature of pump is around 60°C. Maximum diameter : 34.976 Pump diameter on 60° : over 34.980 (oot) Pump diameter on ~30°: below 34.976( good part) I cannot modify the flow to be able
  9. As shown in the figure, a circle with its involute curve has an initial position at 0 degree, and have a length of 'a' which was measured from the y-intercept to the center of the circle. After that, the circle was rotate for 45 degree and now have the length of 'b'. Then it was again rotate for 90 degree and has a length of c. Based on the information provided, is there any possible way for me to calculate the length 'b' and 'c'. Is there any relation I can use to calculate the length for any degree of rotation ?
  10. Thank you Dr D sir for your clear explanation.
  11. There is something called hoop stress. This applies only for gas applications. when gas is stored on a container there are stresses which act on longitudinal and transverse sections. None other than a cylinder will give you a efficient shape to cope up such stress
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  13. Asked by Anurag mishra on twitter plz anyone suggest an alternative for Thermal spray welding. Due to scarcity of oxygen in India our welding process have come to halt. We use acetylene + oxygen for metallic(nickel) spray weld using thermal gun spray. Plz suggest an alternative gases for the same.
  14. Name: Mohammed Alhayek Engineering College: Mechanical Engineering at University of Hafar Albatin Location (City/ Country) : Qatif Saudi Arabia Engineering Batch: 2017-2021 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for: I am a Freelancer, I work as a mechanical design engineer, I sometimes travel to work or do it online. Area of Interest: Any challenging thing in mechanical designing makes me curious, especially when it becomes to solve a complicated problem The project was undertaken: I have got several projects, one is designing a desert air condition w
  15. Urban Mobility. Public Transportation. DRIVER LESS CAR - New Concept FREE Power Generation PPt.ppt
  16. Updated in profile. On webcast today it is learnt that this site is your academic innovation. Now the members must interact and utilize the platform effectively.
  17. Recording of session https://www.facebook.com/mechanical.engineering.community.forum/videos/297336745314907
  18. Mechanical Engineering Community forum ( www.Mechanical-engg.com) inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Introduce Yourself : Mechanical Engineers : Meet N Greet Members Time: May 6, 2021 06:45 PM India Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/95569843532?pwd=dlhOMndqRzM0b1NhajJ0c2VQdlpDUT09 Meeting ID: 955 6984 3532 Passcode: mechanical One tap mobile +16699006833,,95569843532#,,,,*5128545045# US (San Jose) +19292056099,,95569843532#,,,,*5128545045# US (New York) Dial by your location +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) +1 929 205 6099 US (New
  19. Reducing the fuel consumption by the IC engines thus attaining max mileage.
  20. Role mechanics, especially relative motion would play in facilitating migration of motion technology from the traditional fossil fuel energy to green technologies
  21. How we are going to save energy ie carbon print by replacing the fossil fuel engine in cars etc.by EV cars.The amount of charging the battery would be same with back up electric charger which at its end has power source.Data needed plz
  22. Mechanical engineering challenges related to fusion power
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