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  5. Henry Kurniadi


    Chill down, the deformation often could be ignored in static simulation. Just make sure it not over than the safety stress limit. (material strength divided by a safety factor designated by standard/code/common practices).
  6. AAFAA


    When I found Some structure deformation 0,1 mm, What need I do? I am doing the structural analysis for 1 second. But If we think. It is a constructor, What will happen? I also looked von-misses, it is ok. But how need I declared d
  7. Henry Kurniadi

    Measurement and Instrumentation

    You are limited by the measurement equipment sensitivity/accuracy/limit. Ruler limited to 1 mm, for example. I f someone measure with ruler and report it as 7.1 mm... that's bull.
  8. Henry Kurniadi

    Mechanical properties question

    Thin materials (sheet) have higher strength (albeit minor) than same thicker ones (rod or bulk). Strength is stress/pressure, i.e. force per area. You thin material is stronger stress-wise but actually weaker force-wise. Depends on what's your material (sheet, rod or bulk), you make design based on the listed value.
  9. Henry Kurniadi

    Reeling Motor Project - Help!

    Electrical motor not really my thing. But check this for torque vs rpm relations for an electrical motor. You could conclude that that maximum output power occurs at [T] = ½, and [W] = ½ repectively. First you need to check the catalog/information of each motor, for stall torque and no-load speed () Say you use the BEMONOC = 12000 rpm motor ( = ???), it will perform the best at 6000 rpm. The maximum power is the product of ½ x ½ (roughly) Greartisan motor have = 200 rpm? ( = 0.2157463 N.m?), it will perform the best at 100 rpm. The maximum power is the product of ½ x ½(roughly) Generally, Find the one with the highest maximum power. In this case, it seems that the BEMONOC is better for your purpose, although a bit worry about the high rpm. (Make sure what's the load needed to reel, you don't want to flip the mechanism) ===== Unless you found that the manufacturers defined it differently in the catalog. For example I use this DC motor DMN-29 BA ( = 5000 rpm, = 30 mN.m) The catalog mention a specific rated torque and rpm, instead of 1/2 of the defined stall torque and no-load speed. The catalog said that the rated power at 0.42 A, should be the product of 3700 rpm and 7.8 mN.m = 3.02 W. Regarding speed reduction, the gear ratio will change the torque-rpm curve. See example from TG-201A-EU DC motor below. Gear ratio 1: 12.1 -> rpm 358 rpm, T 19.6 mN.m Gear ratio 1: 129 -> rpm 34.8 rpm, T 147 mN.m Again, compare which motor has higher power (½ x ½)
  10. Hi guys I am doing my bachelor course on mechanical engineering (3rd year) I want to be a automobile body designer .. I don't know what course to do on MASTER studies ! And some other course I must go through .If anyone reading this message if you are related to this field will u please give some valuable information or references or even guide me to achieve my dream please!
  11. Olowo Elijah Temitope

    What is Firing Order of 4 and 6 Cylinder Engine?

    What is the standard firing order for each of the numbers of cylinder
  12. DrD

    Kinematics of Machines

    What are Z-Kinematics U-Kinematics? I've never heard these terms before, so I'd be interested to know what you are talking about.
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  15. Hi guys, do you have any document or xample about EN 45545-2 Requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi engineers! I have been watching this forum many time ago and this is the first time I write something. I hope to have more things to discuss since now :-) In the image attahced, you will see a table of the mechanical properties of diferent types of steel. Is the usual table of any catalogue. And there is one think that I don't understand. If you have a look at how either tensile strength or the yield strength changes according to the nominal thickness, you can see while the thickness increases, the value of its N/mm2 decreases. This fact seem's to be impossible because any bar or any object, the bigger it is, the higher stress it can sustain, but in the table tends to be lower everytime. For example, the steel S235JR, with a thick of less than 3 mm can hold (tensile stress) between 360 and 510 MPa (N/mm2), and if it its thickness is between 3 and 100 mm it can hold between 340 and 470 MPa. Both intervals cover at some range, but the thicker one has a lower stress sustain. The same happens with the yield strength. Might somebody help me with this question? Thanks a lot! Roger Casas
  17. Name : Sharathkumar Akula St. Martins Engineering college Location (City/ Country):Hyderabad/India Engineering Batch:2016 Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for: To work and do quality inspection of all Engines from road side vehicles to formula1 race cars. Area of Interest: automobile,oil,machines Project undertaken:CAPA Any other info you want to share:I do have 1and half year experience at SIEMENS LTD Hyderabad works. sharth udt 6-2-18.docx
  18. Sudheer Kokkula

    whatsapp group for 4th sem diploma in mechanical students.

    Hello. i know many groups are full here but i found a website which is really interesting and it is sharing WhatsApp group links. i also found a separate post for mechanical engineering WhatsApp group links. maybe this is useful for others so sharing. If its not allowed then please delete the comment.
  19. Paola Arévalo

    Reeling Motor Project - Help!

    Hello, I'm a engineering student currently taking Thermodynamics and we have this project for our finals which is a sort of reeling /towing device, the assignment consists in a reeling motor that has to tow a small car up along a slope, loaded with a certain weight, the team that is able to reel in the most weight in the shortest time will win the competition and have the maximum grade and extra credits for the semester. The rules are: You can only use 1 Peltier thermoelectric generator module that will deliver 12 volts to the motor of my choosing. No capacitors or energy storage devices. I could use a voltage regulator to rise the voltage but speaking to one of my professors he said that due to the fact the power is just a relationship between current and voltage, rising the voltage wouldn't really make a difference as the current would drop, so my best shot was to shop for a motor with good torque that would surely work under 12 volts in case the peltier module does not deliver its full capacity. I had 2 options, and because I need to move the biggest load in the shortest amount of time, I had to look for a motor with a good speed/torque relationship that would work under 12 volts in the worst case scenario, but I read somewhere you can make a speed reduction arrangement to help torque like the one below: Reducing Engine So I went and bought two different motors, One with high speed and comparably low torque (to see if I the reducing arrangement can help me get a better torque in the end. BEMONOC Small DC Motor 12V High Speed 12000 RPM High Torque PMDC Motor for DIY Parts  (0.135 N.m) And one with low speed and high torque, to test both. Greartisan DC 12V 200RPM Gear Motor High Torque Electric Micro Speed Reduction Geared Motor Centric Output Shaft 37mm Diameter Gearbox (0.2157463 N.m) But I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to how to improve this torque/speed relationship and get the best out of it, I really want to win this competition. I would truly appreciate any information you can share with me in contribution to my project. Thank you in advance and sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language.
  20. Name : sedhuraman Engineering college:alpha collage of engineering and technology Location (City/ Country): puducherry,india Engineering Batch: 2019(final year now) Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for hindusthan aeronautical limited) Area of Interest: automobile Project undertaken : nano isulater bushings Any other info you want to share
  21. Name:aliansar p B tech mechanical engineer from government engineering college idukki, Kerala Batch:2013-17 Interested in project management Project :single point incremental sheet metal forming Other area interest:oil and gas Resume.pdf
  22. I am graduate on mechanical engineering, material field
  23. mustapha ibrahim

    || Introduce yourself to the club ||

    Hello fellow Engineers I am Mustapha Ibrahim from Nigeria, studied mechanical engineering at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, I enjoyed working with AutoCAD and find it interesting while working on it.
  24. Hellow fellas, I am creating an online project directory for all engineers to find all the project related data at one place. Please add your project or your work on the already listed project. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you here is the link
  25. I am looking for major difference in 2nd and 3rd edition of API 675. Can any buddy help me..
  26. Pushparaj palanisamy

    Innovative materials

    New materials like graphene and the advancement needed.Alloy materials , various research on material science.
  27. Name:Divyanshu Kumar Engineering college: Sagar Group of Institutions Location: Bhopal Engineering Batch: 2017-2021
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