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  3. Look at the accidents that have already happened. What sort of failures led to those accidents? What sort of inspection would be required to identify the potential for those accidents before they happened? I suspect you may find a host of causes, such as 1) Metal fatigue 2) Manufacturing defects (bad welds, loose nuts, missing pins, etc) 3) Motion control problems, leading to sudden violent motions and resulting overloads Again, look at what has happened, the history, to guide your inspection procedure. DrD
  4. Automotive engineering involves both the mechanical design side and the thermal power side. Even if we narrow it just to engines, the statement above is still true. The truth is simply that you have to know both sides to some degree, even if your interest is primarily on one or the other side. DrD
  5. Hi, how I can reduce surface tension and improve my boiler efficiency.
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  7. Steve Beck

    Large Steam Turbine.jpg

    This is really huge turbine image, If I build a huge turbine for producing steam for industry it is beneficial for me or not?
  8. I'm doing my masters in designing and manufacturing, where can i download solidworks standard for free? not trial version, all i find is zip files that require payment thank you
  9. The production of biogas from anaerobic digestion (AD) is widely used by modern society for the treatment of livestock manure and slurries. The aim is to produce renewable energy and to improve their fertilizer quality. In countries with significant agricultural production, the strengthening of environmental legislation and regulation of manure and vegetable wastes recycling increased the interest for AD as a cheap and environmental friendly solution. Latest developments in Europe, USA and other parts of the world have shown increasing interest among farmers to cultivate energy crops, used as feedstock for biogas production. AD is today standard technology for stabilization of primary and secondary sewage sludge, for treatment of organic industrial waste from food- processing and fermentation industries as well as for the treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste. A special application is biogas recovery from existing landfills. MAIN TYPES AND APPLICATIONS OF BIOGAS PLANTS.pdf
  10. The benefits and advantages of an evaporative cooler, also known as swamp cooler, air cooler, or desert cooler include inexpensive price and lower energy consumption, as well as easier and inexpensive installation and maintenance, when compared to traditional air conditioners; and suitability for use in dry and arid climates, especially during hot and dry weather conditions. On the other hand, the disadvantages of an evaporative cooler center primarily on the negative impacts of too much humidification. These disadvantages translate further to more specific limitations and drawbacks. For example, using an evaporative cooler for prolonged period of time or under a hot and humid weather increase health-related risks such as respiratory distress, as well as the susceptibility of wood-based, paper-based, and electronic products. Evaporative cooling has both advantages and disadvantages, and the choice rests with the individual homeowner. Therefore, the consumers should investigate all the alternatives and then make the right decision based on technical specifications, cost preference, lifestyle and individual priorities. USES , ADVANTAGES AND LIMITATIONS OF EVAPORATIVE COOLERS.pdf
  11. 15 October 2019 Dear DrD Thank you for responding to my query. Every so often I do come across some strange statements and phrases and “manual side” is one of them. If the boss is a non-mechanical engineer some of the stuff which comes my way I have to seek verification from mechanical engineering experts like you. In industry you come across non-engineers like accountants, sales people, loss control managers and so on and so forth who do not understand what engineering is. I am sure you have come across such people and incidents in your career. Regards ndems
  12. Hi Ganesh, Not sure if you still need the info, but sadly now I came across your question. You can find most of the answers here, I believe: https://www.ultimatespecs.com/motorcycles-specs/ktm/ktm-390-duke-2013 Hope this helps!
  13. Steve Beck

    Steam boiler

    I think boiler have some fire for produced steam, and I didn't see any fire in the diagram.
  14. Hi Carl, Instead of writing a novel here, think better to watch this video, maybe would help you create a comprehensive project on exponential models. If not, give me a shout back. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/differential-equations/first-order-differential-equations/exponential-models-diff-eq/v/modeling-population-with-simple-differential-equation
  15. You could give it a try ordering it off ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/273927177757. They will bring it straight to your door. Hope this helps
  16. The term "hands-on" seems to fit, but I don't think I've ever seen the phrase "manual side." What is this last phrase intended to convey? DrD
  17. 14 October 2019 Dear DrD If a trainee or apprentice in mechanical engineering (manufacturing industry) starts work today and is helping in cleaning parts and helping in dismantling a machine under the supervision of a qualified mechanical engineer would you say the trainee is “hands on - manual side” or “not hands on - manual side”? Regards ndems
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    Questions on the concepts of automobile engineering.
  18. Hello , i'm a first year ME student. My university offers two subfields of ME which students will join after the first two years of general ME , they are Mechanical design engineering and Mechanical power engineering. now , I find myself so interested in Cars and mechatronics but mainly (cars) , my question is which one of these fields is the closest one to either of them ? and the other one is how can I learn about automobile engineering and mechatronics on my own ?
  19. Hey, I am currently a senior year studying mechanical engineering. For my final year project I am doing about exploration robot, focusing on soil-wheel interactions (terramechanics). This is just my second week on it and i still trying to find my objectives. I decided that i want to design a wheel that will have a high performance in various types of soils. So i was thinking maybe to find some unexplored caves, research about the soils that has in it and try to design a wheel that will be able to explore the cave without problems. For softwares I am using Solidworks & Ansys for designing and analysing the wheel, and currently learning ROS and gazebo so i will be able analyse the soils. Any suggestions that might be helpful? Any caves or something similar that you suggest i should focus on? Any softwares that you think will be helpful for me?
  20. Hey everyone, I’m doing some research on how engineers like their career and engineering job. I have two simple questions: 1. As an engineer, what are the two biggest issues you’re dealing with? 2. Regarding your career, what would you wish for more than anything? I´m an engineer, and I’m struggling with lack of motivation and purpose regarding my engineering career. Hearing your perspectives on this would be very interesting!
  21. In a Polytropic process, the polytropic index(n) can take the value from -∞ to +∞. Now place the values of n and get Isobaric, isothermal, adiabatic and Isochoric processes which were explained below. Put n=0; =>p=c Isobaric process Put n=1;=>PV = C => Isothermal Process Put n=1.4=> Adiabatic Process Isochoric process is difficult to calculate by writing in this region, so you can check in the link mentioned Polytropic Process
  22. Problem: a huge percentage of airplane emissions come from long-haul travel. Are electric planes the solution? Companies around the world are working to develop electric airplanes. The hope is that advances in battery technology will enable efficient, emissions-free aircraft to replace kerosene-burning Jets. Considering air transportation accounts for around 4 percent of the global climate change impact, electric airplanes are seen as a key technology for cleaning up the transportation sector. The London-based non-profit Fellow Travelers assessed the potential carbon emissions mitigation could be accomplished by switching British aviation from Jets to electric propulsion. The results were not encouraging. The first planes to go electric - short-range, low-capacity aircraft - are also the ones that contribute the least amount of carbon pollution. Even If electric planes take over all flights of less than 1,500 km - about 900 miles - they will only make a small dent in carbon emissions. According to the data from Fellow Travelers, 87 percent of aviation-related carbon emissions are due to flights longer than 1,500 km, and the vast majority can be attributed to long-haul aircraft. The report focused on the United Kingdom, but the results are generally applicable. Electric jets won't solve the aviation emissions problem. Jeffrey Winters
  23. Please give me example exponential growth equation (differential equation application) about barium sulfate intake in the body for x ray test. I need it for my engineering subject. thank you😊
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