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ASME Section VIII Division 1 1.0.0

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ASME BPVC Section VIII - Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels
ASME Section VIII Division 1


Subsection A - General Requirements
Part UG - General Requirements for All Methods of Construction and All Materials
Materials: UG-4 through to UG-15
Design: UG-16 through to UG-35
Openings and Reinforcements: UG-36 through to UG-46
Braced and Stayed Surfaces: UG-47 through to UG-50
Fabrication: UG-75 through to UG-85
Inspection and Tests: UG-90 through to UG-103
Marking and Reports: UG-115 through to UG-120
Overpressure Protection: UG125 through to UG-140
Subsection B - Requirements Pertaining to Methods of Fabrication of Pressure Vessels
Part UW - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Welding
General: UW-1 through to UW-3
Materials: UW-5
Design: UW-8 through to UW-21
Fabrication: UW-26 through to UW-42
Inspection and Tests: UW-46 through to UW-54
Marking and Reports: UW-60
Pressure Relief Devices: UW-65
Part UF - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Forging
General: UF-1
Materials: UF-5 through to UF-7
Design: UF-12 through to UF-25
Fabrication: UF-26 through to UF-43
Inspection and Tests: UF-45 through to UF-55
Marking and Reports: UF-115
Pressure Relief Devices: UF-125
Part UB - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Brazing
General: UB-1 through to UB-3
Materials: UB-5 through to UB-7
Design: UB-9 through to UB-22
Fabrication: UB-30 through to UB-37
Inspection and Tests: UB-40 through to UB-50
Marking and Reports: UB-55
Pressure Relief Devices: UB-60
Subsection C - Requirements Pertaining to Classes of Materials
Part UCS - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Carbon and Low Alloy Steels
General: UCS-1
Materials: UCS-5 through to UCS-12
Design: UCS-16 through to UCS-57
Low Temperature Operation: UCS-65 through to UCS-68
Fabrication: UCS-75 through to UCS-85
Inspection and Tests: UCS-90
Marking and Reports: UCS-115
Pressure Relief Devices: UCS-125
Nonmandatory Appendix CS: UCS-150 through to UCS-160
Part UNF - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Nonferrous Materials
General: UNF-1 through to UNF-4
Materials: UNF-5 through to UNF-15
Design: UNF-16 through to UNF-65
Fabrication: UNF-75 through to UNF-79
Inspection and Tests: UNF-90 through to UNF-95
Marking and Reports: UNF-115
Pressure Relief Devices: UNF-125
Appendix NF: Characteristics of the Nonferrous Materials (Informative and Nonmandatory)
Part UHA Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of High Alloy Steel
General: UHA-1 through to UHA-8
Materials: UHA-11 through to UHA-13
Design: UHA-20 through to UHA-34
Fabrication: UHA-40 through to UHA-44
Inspection and Tests: UHA-50 through to UHA-52
Marking and Reports: UHA-60
Pressure Relief Devices: UHA-65
Appendix HA: Suggestions on the Selection and Treatment of Austenitic Chromium–Nickel and Ferritic and Martensitic High Chromium Steels (Informative and Nonmandatory)
Part UCI - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Cast Iron
General: UCI-1 through to UCI-3
Materials: UCI-5 through to UCI-12
Design: UCI-16 through to UCI-37
Fabrication: UCI-75 through to UCI-78
Inspection and Tests: UCI-90 through to UCI-101
Marking and Reports: UCI-115
Pressure Relief Devices: UCI-125
Part UCL - Requirements for Welded Pressure Vessels Constructed of Material With Corrosion Resistant Integral Cladding, Weld Metal Overlay Cladding, or With Applied Linings
General: UCL-1 through to UCL-3
Materials: UCL-10 through to UCL-12
Design: UCL-20 through to UCL-27
Fabrication: UCL-30 through to UCL-46
Inspection and Tests: UCL-50 through to UCL-52
Marking and Reports: UCL-55
Pressure Relief Devices: UCL-60
Part UCD - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Cast Ductile Iron
General: UCD-1 through to UCD-3
Materials: UCD-5 through to UCD-12
Design: UCD-16 through to UCD-37
Fabrication: UCD-75 through to UCD-78
Inspection and Tests: UCD-90 through to UCD-101
Marking and Reports: UCD-115
Pressure Relief Devices: UCD-125
Part UHT Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Ferritic Steels With Tensile Properties Enhanced by Heat Treatment.
General: UHT-1
Materials: UHT-5 through to UHT-6
Design: UHT-16 through to UHT-57
Fabrication: UHT-75 through to UHT-86
Inspection and Tests: UHT-90
Marking and Reports: UHT-115
Pressure Relief Devices: UHT-125
Part ULW Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Layered Construction
Introduction: ULW-1 through to ULW-2
Materials: ULW-5
Design: ULW-16 through to ULW-26
Welding: ULW-31 through to ULW-33
Nondestructive Examination of Welded Joints: ULW-50 through to ULW-57
Fabrication: ULW-75 through to ULW-78
Inspection and Tests: ULW-90
Marking and Reports: ULW-115
Pressure Relief Devices: ULW-125
Part ULT Alternative Rules for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Materials Having Higher Allowable Stresses at Low Temperature
General: ULT-1 through to ULT-5
Design: ULT-16 through to ULT-57
Fabrication: ULT-76 through to ULT-86
Inspection and Tests: ULT-90 through to ULT-100
Marking and Reports: ULT-115
Pressure Relief Devices: ULT-125
Part UHX - Rules for Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
Part UIG - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Impregnated Graphite
General: UIG-1 through to UIG-3
Materials: UIG-5 through to UIG-8
Design: UIG-22 through to UIG-60
Fabrication: UIG-75 through to UIG-84
Inspection and Tests: UIG-90 through to UIG-112
Marking and Reports: UIG-115 through to UIG-121
Pressure Relief Devices: UIG-125

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