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GHGeR = 25 BnT/Yr. GHGe:120 PPM. PAT: 800 Bn$/yr,5Yrs*
No Engine, No Fuel, No Electric, No Emission, No Heat.*
Saves 15 mnt/day Coal; 14 mnt/day Oil, Gas. *
Cost saved : 15,000 bn$/yr.  ROI= 3,750 % in 5 yrs. *
Catapult Free Renewable 24/365 Energy 1.23 mn lbs/sft *
THRUST water jet, from 6000 m water depth. 6000 t/sqm.*
Contained in pressure vessel and used at MSL,GL. 600 bar*
Automotive, Rail, Ship, Sub-Marine, Jet, Missile, Rocket.*
Airo dynamic drive for Automotive; Hydro dynamic drive*
for others. Petlon water turbine spin for floating offshore*
Electric Power Plant. Power Transmission by Sea bed cable.*
Power Design:*
Transport CBM=hp*hr/20 =ton*km/atf/20 m3*
Power Plant CBM=70*MW*hr m3.  20 CBM/sec*
100 m*100 m*100 m Cube =1 mn CBM*
Floating Offshore Power Plant: 1000 MW, 70,000 CBM / hr*
By Petlon water turbine spin. Transmission by sea cable,*
for Domestic, Industry, Tranzport uze incl 330 knt Shipping*
1-30 mach Jet, Missile, Rocket*
600 kmph Bullet Train . On mud track. no Rail, no Wheel*
no carbon automotive; 330, 660 knot shipping.*

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