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    • DynaVox

      Hi CAD Enineers,
      I am NX user and optimize toplogy 3D geometry with NASTRAN & ABAQUS algoritem.
      See more details on my FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/groups/442690599857312/
      All Best,
      Em: studio.dynavox@siol.net

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    • Osman Shamat

      hi everyone
      i am looking for a program to draw a steam turbine with 6 bleeding lines schematic diagram
      also if any one can help me with i will be very thankful.
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    • Navin Mistry

      I understand the feelings of unemployed frustrated mechanical engineers.  Through my posts on many social medias, I have tried to motivate them.  This is for the first time I am using this media with the same thinking.  I hope, you will like my first post,  "What do you wish to be after Engineering Graduation?"  This is my small effort to guide them.  Your comments are welcomed.  You also can communicate to me through my email id:  thebrains3946@gmail.com in case of further help.
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    • yamamoto

      なぜ人形のためのアクセサリーの1つがひょうたんであるか(あなたはどうやって遊ぶべきですか?)に関して常に質問があります、しかし、あなたは彼女が突き刺された耳をつけたことに非常に興奮しています。ラブドールの背景物語はいくつかの深刻で多様なテーマに触れます - 他の女のロリラブドールブックでは見られません。
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    • Millerman

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    • With 381 views, no one has seen anything worth commenting on. Wow!! So all of you already knew this? Or perhaps you thought this was not a significant problem? DrD
    • If you want experience analyzing a large, interconnected system, how about this?? https://newatlas.com/apollo-11-moon-landing/59108/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019-05-03%20111624%20USA%20Weekly%20Basic%202019-05-03%20111915%20How%20to%20land%20on%20the%20Moon&utm_content=2019-05-03%20111624%20USA%20Weekly%20Basic%202019-05-03%20111915%20How%20to%20land%20on%20the%20Moon+CID_1bba05cc647cbc6b9e9ef805ca92a427&utm_source=Campaign%20Monitor&utm_term=Read%20more (From NEW
    • As I am not good in studies but what does ship move is that question which I was asked to my marine master teacher and he replied the propeller designed in such a way that they cut water like nut move on bolt, water be consider as bolt and cutting of water by propeller is nut so propeller cuts water and move forward. Similarly when ship move astern its moves in backward direction,  
    • The nature of the prime mover really does not matter from the system point of view. Steam turbine, gas turbine, diesel engine, whatever, all simply provide shaft torque. It is the critical interaction between the thrust bearing and the hull structure that drives the ship.   DrD
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