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What is Mechanical Sandwich Degree ??? Does it have scope

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A sandwich course combines classroom learning and practical work placements in separate blocks.Almost all engineering streams are under sandwich.
In this pattern , theoretical training is first provided and then later practical training to learn about the application of your knowledge in your subject. After learning the gaps and facing the problems in practical application you return to theory to make it right.
This is the best way to learn,but sadly not many colleges offer these and even job opportunities are low.A general  4 year engineering degree takes  5 years  through practicals.Exactly half the time is devoted to practicals.In Sandwich, Mechanical engineering is the best.

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A sandwich course is one which takes one more year than the usual course. In engineering, sandwich courses often have 5 years of course of study. The syllabus between the regular and the sandwich program differs basically in the added component-Industrial training. Sandwich students undergo 10 semesters of rigorous industrial training in an industry mostly which is part of the college, if not an outside one. Morning sessions will start by around 9:30 AM at the industry which is till lunch. Usual classes start only in the afternoon, say after 2:30 PM and will go on till late dusk.

Mechanical sandwich is the course which deals with the industrial-mechanical concept based learnings. These, for instance, include the basic outline to an industry's working, introduction to the components being manufactured in the industry, the manufacturing processes, the testing and QC facilities and so on.

Students also get exposed to the industry well before joining one, thus making them ready for the engineering world outside. The best aspect about the sandwich program is the compulsory internship which is their 7th semester, which usually is for 3 months. This sets them apart because not all regular students go for internships, but even if they do, the learning will not be the same in all cases due to less industrial exposure.

Despite all these differences, everything else like college participation, placements, co curricular activities etc., is the same.

Still, I've heard our greatest HOD of all time mention about how sandwich students waste their time in the name of industrial learning daily in the mornings. I have nothing to add to that!

P.S : Everything said above is with reference to PSG Tech's program. Since I just graduated with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering(regular), I was able to give my views from my perspective. Hope this helps.

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According to me Sandwich degree have more scope than regular degree..Some of the key elements of B.E. sandwich course over the regular B.E course.

1. It is a 5-year course offering the same B.E degree

2. The timing of the programme is a little different. The sandwich course offers Industrial training to students in the forenoon session and classes are in the evening.

3. It is compulsory for students to attend an intern for one full semester in their third year

Since sandwich students have an industry exposure, the students definitely have a better understanding of the industry culture and its dynamics. Also, the internship gives them an edge over the regular students. So, I think there is a slight weightage given for sandwich students by companies visiting the campus for placements.

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