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Seven Points to remember before you start to learn a CAD software.

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Arnab Ghosh and I have around 4 years of experience in writing tutorials and training material on CAD software. I have recently written a post on 'Seven Points to remember before you start to learn a CAD software'. 
Please spare some time to read the post and feel free to comment.
Here is the link: https://mechmonologues.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/7-tips-of-learning-a-cad-software/

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1. Get your geometry and graphics basic brushed up.

To write a good essay, it is necessary that you have a good grammar and vocabulary of that language. Now, consider your geometry knowledge to be grammar and graphics to be the vocabulary.

2. Know your manufacturing processes and GD&T.

I know you would probably say why does a design engineer need to know about the manufacturing process and the answer is that this is how you will design a part in CAD. When you are designing a particular part in CAD you need to follow a design approach. One such design approach is Manufacturing design approach. Where you put features on the part as they are supposed to followed in the manufacturing process.

3. Remember it is just a tool, the design is in your head.

When you create a model in CAD, the origin of the object design is actually in your head. If you wish to create a model of a Gearbox assembly then it is obvious that you will have the dimensions of gears that will fit in the gearbox, distance between the gear shafts, dimensions of  gearbox case

4. All CAD Softwares are built on the same philosophy.

Mercedes designers use UGNX and Jaguar designers use CATIA. So, is this difference making Mercedes a better company than Jaguar or CATIA a better software than UGNX. All these 4 companies that I have mentioned are the leaders in their specific domains.

5. Start your design with a hand sketch.

Now, this is an actual tip. When you start to draw a new model, it is always great to start with a hand sketch first. A hand sketch will help you to get an idea of what you want to actually model in CAD. It need not be an isometric view of the entire model or orthographic drawing of the model. It could be a rough sketch that would help you as a reference when you actually start working on it in a CAD software.

6. Complicated is nothing: CAD is developed to make life easy.

Imagine that you have designed a V8 engine and you can see it in 3D model with all the real dimensions, you can check for the clashes among all the different parts in the engine and just modify the dimensions with just a click. You can create a virtual engine with almost no errors in the real world. Imagine the amount of trial and error it will save before you actually give it for manufacturing.

7. Be patient to learn.

Give time to each and every module while learning, because that is the only time when you will actually learn the software once you start working on them you will focus more on completing the work rather that learning. This will give you a less chance for you to learn the shortcuts and features that will make your life easier.

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