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ATV Frame Design

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Hi everyone,

Need expert opinions/help in frame designing.

I am a mech graduate with some experience in 2 wheelar automobile R&D.

I am going to design an ATV frame from scratch that will be used for Baja contest.

If you have any files/info related to baja or in any manner will be useful for frame design, kindly send me at er.surajb@yahoo.in or reply to this post.

Thank you,



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communication error
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You said, "M a mech graduate with sm experience in 2 wh auto R&D." This is almost impossible to understand. Your abbreviated English is incomprehensible. Let's look at this, particularly the underlined "words" below:

M a mech graduate with sm experience in 2 wh auto R&D.

What does "M" mean? is this supposed to mean "I am"? If so, say so.

What does "sm" mean? Is this supposed to mean "small"? If so, it would help to say so. I might also be more reasonable to say "little" or "slight" because "small" does not quite carry the right meaning here.

What does "wh" mean? I have no idea at all about this one.

If you want a helpful answer, you must take the time and make the effort to communicate what you are asking. It is asking too much to expect a reader to struggle to understand your question.

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so you say you need design which you has own experience about atv about 2 years. And yet you still need another design to compete in baja contest. Am I right ? . So if someone has model that you can submit with those model. And than re-submitted those model's without permission from original designer. It's very ridiculous buddy. I'm sorry to say like that. Sorry

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