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Mechanical Engineering

What to do now after being graduated in mechanical engineering?

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Hello, Im a girl, im from india. I was graduated in Mechanical engineering in 2014 ..After that i wasted time for choosing what to do next.. i tried to get job in design field, but i didnot get any reference..1.5 years is wasted.. so what should i do next? should i marry? If Mtech then which course is suitable for girls.. please someone help me. im from andhra pradesh..

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Go for M.tech in design or Applied mechanics...U will also get monthly stipend of 12500 during m.tech

If u dont want to study further then join some good cad/cam/cae classes in bangalore or pune..u will get a job after that

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You can do many things after your Mechanical Engineering graduation. But the path you need to choose depends on you. You can have many opportunities as compared to other branches after completion of graduation.

  • You can apply for job in any company or apply as a trainee.
  • You can go for GATE coaching to get job in PSUs or post graduation.
  • You can do MBA
  • You can do any courses such as HVAC, QC etc
  • You can also do MS in foreign countries
  • You can go try UPSC exams

As a Mechanical Engineer you can even work on IT companies. From my experience if you are determined you can easily find a job after completion of the graduation.

For the first few years,it will be really difficult for us. But experience matters a lot. Try to get into a small company and learn all the basic things which a mechanical engineer should know. If you have experience and good knowledge you don’t need to look back.

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