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Read before introducing yourself

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Do not write

I am looking for a job  :  If this is your identity  what if you get a job....  write something about your skills your passion  not your problems  : Post this in career guidance 

I need a project Idea ... If you want a guidance post in project guidance forum  not here ...


Write appropriate title/...

Introducing myself is not a write title ... Your Title should represent you.....not a common phrase : invest your time in a punch line  which interest others . See poor examples....



Ok then what to write...let me share some points...

  1. Your location, schooling , hobbies...
  2. what is your vision , what is your mission..
  3. Your skills , your passion ... what you want to learn...
  4. how can you help others 
  5. Where you have worked.. your experience... your industry training

Just do not write :  Respond to others as well - if you will not respond , no one will respond to you as well..

No marketing - No spams - If found will be banned immediately...

Do not share your personal phone numbers or emails 

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Name - JIJO. J


Location (City/ Country)-NAGERCOIL, INDIA

Engineering Batch- 2013 TO 2017

Engineering Company/ Dream company to work for - TESLA MOTORS AND McLaren 

Area of Interest - Automobile Exterior Design

Project undertaken - Composite in Automobile part and testing 

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Phil R

Engineering : San Jose State Uni in California USA

Location Perth Western Australia

Work: MSP Engineering

Personal Project:  Microwave heating of water for desalination

Current WK Prj: Lithium Hydroxide Processing Plant


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