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Fire at IOCL Depot in Jaipur.....


A disaster....

things are uncontrollable and getting worse

The fire in Jaipur blazed at 7:30pm when fuel was being shifted from the IOC depot in Jaipur to a tube in the border areas of Jaipur city in India. Hard work is on to cover the fire which can extend quick & shape enormous size.

Special task forces have been run to the city to manage the activities in Jaipur, the spokesperson told. Glasses are broken in nearby houses. People in nearby areas are facing problem in their eyes.

According to latest news the fire is still increasing. There is raining of fireballs at roof ops of nearby houses. The Indian Oil depot is in Bombala in Jaipur. 40 people are admitted in SMS hospital. Chief minister as already reached at the hospital. Traffic jam is there around 25 KM area. The fire can be felt and visible upto 12-15 KM radius.


Safety and Security Audits are the part of Regularly routine, but are they just part of routine and done just as they are part of routine...

Till now though reason still unknown...

Its a serious concern for India ......

All HSE/ SHE experts and student... Kindly add your perspective view How can we come up with strong policies and implimentations


Saurabh jain

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