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about refrigeration system


i want to know more about refrigeration cycle. i have main question that how the refrigerant gas is condensed in the condenser.we already know that in the AC unit, the gas in condensed in the condenser and turns into the liquid and the atmospheric air is used to condense the refrigerant and as you know that the atmospheric air temperature is not constant , so is there any device between the compressor and condenser that block the gas thus the proper amount of pressure of refrigerant gas can be obtain , so that it can reach to the saturation temperature so that the gas can be condensed.

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Your best bet is to start reading up on the "ideal Gas Law" and then on the enthalpy of vapourisation. A combination of the two should then give you a good understanding.

To answer your specific question though, yes....there is normally a "pinched pipe" that restricts the flow (yes, normally it is that simple)...on some of the "better engineered" versions it is a (very) small bore pipe.

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