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Aly Shabana

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CAD is Computer aided Designing and the person in CAD department is mostly responsible for modeling, drafting, assembly and other design related activities. It can be about making 3D models from the 2d drawings or opposite. Design is vast and there are many options to choose from. Each domain right from automotive, aerospace, oil & gas or anything else has different sets of components and people in these companies perform the activities as described above.

CAM is Computer Aided Machining or Manufacturing. A person working in CAM domain in any company is performing activities related to CAM programming or manufacturing at machine shops with such software.

I work as a CAM engineer or you can say NC programmer. The main task is to understand the manufacturing requirements and you must be able to read drawings and must also know about modeling and drafting as in this field you have to deal with everything. A CAM programmer generates the Nc codes using a software such as Nx, Catia etc. (these software are also used for Design).

These software generates an output after the operations are performed inside the software and then these nc codes are transferred to machines where the machines cut through these parts and make them look alike the models designed by designers.

In a same company you will find both CAD and CAM and both work close, as Design should not make something which is not practically possible in manufacturing.

When you go to a mechanical company like Volkswagen, BMW, Ge, Siemens etc., the work you have to perform is same as what i described in above paragraphs.

for a more detailed knowledge in respective topics, feel free to ask questions :)

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