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designing software for mechanical engineer

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In my opinion you should start with autocad for some basic skills in 2D modeling...then go for solidworks since it has really great comunity support (youtube tutorials,books,forums etc.) and i also like siemens NX it's a bit hardcore but it has a bit more options then solidworks and rest imo.

If you're interesting in mechanic of materials, psyhics etc you should try to learn basic of Finite Element Analysy, and get started with softwares like Ansys, Abacus, Nastran etc...



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On 11/07/2016 at 10:01 AM, gulattar shadab said:

Is it necessary FOR A MECHANICAL ENGINEER to learn mechanical designing software like CATIA, AUTOCAD ,SOLIDWORKS ,CREO..
what is the scope after learning these softwares......~!~!~!~!


Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE Software like Pro/Engineer, I-DEAS & CATIA help manufacturers optimize product concept early in Design process, enabling them to significantly improve product quality, while reducing product development time and cost.

Moreover people having 3D CAD/CAM/CAE knowledge have better chances of growth, immediate employability after completion of course, graduation and chances of jobs abroad.

As the market economy opens more and more it has become extremely competitive and with this state of economy, skilled people play the most important role in organization. Hence it becomes imperative on the part of top Tool Room Training centers and Engg. Colleges to especially look for new initiatives towards improving the skills and knowledge of students. An emerging trend of Engg. Education in Tool Room and the world is the rapid incrementation of CAD/CAM/CAE software as an essential part of curriculum.

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Some of the software which are a must for a mechanical Engineering are:

1.Designing software

2.Analysis software


1. Designing software : Designing software is essential for one who makes his/her career in designing field.

List of designing software






2.Analysis S/W :-

List of Analysis software:-




List of coding/ language software:-




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