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Well you can easily learn at the view of 3D mode(s) about Mechanical Machinery , such as Mechanical Gears, Four Stroke Combustion Engine Introduction, Engine Cylinder Explained etc .

I hope people find learning mechanical engineering in 3D a pleasure and that the knowledge gained may be of use.

If you have any question please let me know.



Learn Machine.PNG

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Soildworks is the primary modeling software which is used in many industries and R&Ds . So first you need to learn basic part modeling regards Mechanical Designs you can google some of designs improve in that and later .Try to assemble the part and Draft the each part with annotation and dimensions 

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hello bro if you want improve your design than i have some link for you

you tube link 

and this link of grabcad site creat account on this site for solidworks model

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On 06/02/2017 at 4:31 PM, mechebus said:

hello! I'm new in this website and I'm studying mechanical engineering still. I want to improve myself about designing. So can you help me some solidworks examples that I can work on it. thank you even now.


being an mechanical engineer you can go for many designing software i will advise you :-

1) Beginner:- AUTO CAD

2) intermediate level - SOLID WORKS

3) for advance modelling go for NX , Catia they are the best download the software , see tutorial videos and then go for certification by giving the exam .

in this way you can proceed

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