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Can you point out and obvious flaws with my resume?


Hey All,

I'm a third year Mechanical Engineering student. I was wondering if you guys could help me out by looking over my resume and telling me any obvious flaws or just give me some pointers. Please be as harsh/critical as possible, I'm still new at this and any help would be appreciated.


Sami Elhag 


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I can offer a few suggestions.

1. I would take your birth date off the resume. It really is not relevant, unless you want birthday cards.

2. I see several different type faces (not including headings). I would use the same for all (except headings), and surely do not use a smaller font for your experience.

3. In item #3 of your university projects, you did not calculate parameters. Parameters are things like the acceleration of gravity, the area of the parachute, the initial drop height, etc. You calculated results, not parameters. I'd re-word this section.

4. There is a misspelled word in one of your university projects. For goodness sake, use spell check!!

5. In item #4, I really doubt that you calculated anything at EVERY point on the beam. Much more likely you did this at many points.

6. Course titles like "Intro to Electrical Engineering" and "Analysis of Engineering Systems" do not tell the reader very much. Add some detail if you want this to count, something like "circuit theory" or "systems modeling" or "systems simulation" or whatever is appropriate.

Go Mountaineers!!




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