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What 1/2" material will not flex under 10lb load?

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Hi, I need an advice from the engineer professionals and mechanics. What material should I use for 1/2" or 5/8" thick 14" x 11" plate mounted in the opening and strong enough to hold 10 lb weight hanging from the bottom without flexing the plate? I already did a costly mistake by trying to use a 5/8”delrin plate to learn that it will warp after the lightly one side machining. Should I go with aluminum plate this time or there are some lighter, strong enough to not prolong under the load materials that I can use for the plates? The plates will be used in table with rectangular opening in the center to accommodate fast removable and interchangeable plates/inserts with mounted on circular saw, router and jigsaw for users with limited working space. Thank you.


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Delrin is a thermoplastic.


Use the typical Aluminum 6061-T6.

It will be about 2x heavier, but at least 4x stronger.

I'm certain it's gonna much cheaper btw.

If you want to use polymer, try find something called SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). It much stronger than typical thermoplastic (also not too expensive).

Aluminum is the choice if you want to go economically strong.

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