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hi All,

thanks for adding me in this group. I am not a mechanical person, but need a some help for a problem.

I am using timing belt and pulley for my system, but somehow I end up with a bigger belt.

So I am using a idler pulley to tight the belt.

I need to know what will be the 'x' and 'y' limit for the best system output with a given belt length. I can adjust center distance by +/- 5 mm. belt material I think is rubber.

Please see the image for details. it will be great if i get a tutorial or any lecture link how to calculate it, it will be a great help.




Untitled 4.png

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If a value is assigned for "x" then a value can be computed for "y", but there is no unique combination that works "best." Simply choose a value for x roughly midway between the two pulleys and then mount the idler in such a way that it can move to maintain the belt tension.

The idler needs to be able to move vertically, so there are basically two options:

1) mount the idler on a block that sliders in a vertical channel as a guide, or

2) mount the idler on a swinging arm that is pivoted to one side or the other, such that the arc of idler motion is largely vertical.

With either of these two options, you can then push the idler down on the belt (a) by gravity (put a significant weight on the idler), or (b) preload a spring to press the idler down on the belt.

For an assigned value of "x", the calculation of the exact value of "y" is rather lengthy and basically pointless since as the belt stretches, "y" will have to change.


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Like Dr.D said, the dimension X and Y have no "best" solution.

You need to make sure the tension of the belt is suitable. (Check page 11 and 12 of the link).


Also check from this, a guide on how much tension needed.

I, myself, have no professional experience in this, so we are both in same path here, learning from internet. 

There are also these software to design the pulley system



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