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Mechanical Engineering

Mass Inertia calculation of planetary gearbox

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As a starting point, you must know the MMOI for each individual component; without that, you cannot begin.

Assuming that the individual component MMOI values are known, do a kinematic analysis of the planetary train to determine the velocity of the CM of each component. The use that information to formulate the kinetic energy of the entire system, all moving according to the kinematic relations. You will have to choose some rotation as a reference value, usually either the input or output rotation. The kinetic energy will have the form

T = (1/2) theta-dot^2 (term1+term2+...+termlast)

where theta is the reference rotation. The sum of terms indicated is the effective MMOI for the gear train.


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Thanks for the reply Sir. This gearbox has motor input with speed 6000 RPM. Ring/internal gear tube of gearbox is stationery. What is CM, dot & term? Moreover, should I also calculate radius of gyration for each component. For example, planet gears rotating on their axis or should I consider them with arm rotating on arm axis? Plz help.

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