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Mechanical Engineering
Omri Gazit

How to calculate the friction created by the deformation of rubber?

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Hello, hope you can help me I have been struggling with this issue for a long time...

I have this assembly, it's an axis with 4 AL cylinder and 4 Rubber cylinder. On this assembly, I slide a Stretch Film that can rotate freely on the axis.  A force is applied at the top of the axis so the first AL cylinder will press the rubber cylinder etc. I'm trying to calculate the friction force created by the deformed rubber. From my understanding hook's law doesn't apply to rubber. Does anyone have any idea how to calculate this force?  Thank you.



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Soft materials will deform when under pressure. This also increased the resistance to motion. For example, when you stand on a rug, you sink in slightly, which causes resistance when you try to drag your feet along the rug's surface. Another example is how rubber tires flatten out at the area on contact with the road.

When materials deform, you must "plow" through to move, thus creating a resistive force.

When the deformation becomes large, such that one object sinks into the other, streamlining can affect the friction, similar to what happens in fluid friction

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