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Flywheel and DC motor

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Hello friends, i am new to this group and hope to receive good answers to my below question. I want to run a flywheel from a DC motor. Specifications of the flywheel are as Wight=50 kg, Radius=0.3meters, Shape= Circular solid disc with uniform thinkness, Speed at which i want to run is 1500 rpm. The time i want to attain this speed is 15 seconds. Kindly help what horsepower/Kilowatts DC motor i need to run this flywheel. Thanks in advance.

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Why in the world do you want to put a flywheel on a DC motor? The purposes of a flywheel are (1) to smooth out irregularities in the rotational motion of the shaft (torsional vibration), and (2) to store energy in order to continue operation though a power interruption. You did not mention either of these, so I ask again, "why do you want to put a flywheel on a DC motor?"

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The generator/motor is one of three key elements in a flywheel energy storage(FES) system, The objective of the flywheel system is the store and supply power in spacecraft applications and vehicles. Where a high speed brushless DC motor is chose. In high speed motor, the iron loss increases along with the alternant frequency of the magnetic field in the iron. A calculation model of iron losses of rotational permanentmotor is proposed, considering the influence of the rotation. The 2D time step finite element has been used for calculating a 20,000 r/min high speed permanent brushless DC motor, the loss density of deferent positions is proposed. Finally, the experimental measured value is compared with the computered one. The results prove the model is valid, which is the base of deeply optimization design forminishing the loss.

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