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Dissertation Project Starting From Scratch

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Good Evening all,

I will be starting my third year at university next week and have already confirmed a dissertation idea I am slightly lost in the best procedure.

So the project will be designing an Oil Pump for a Motorsport Transmission, although many other Motorsport Transmissions use oil pumps there is no technical information apart from pictures and exploded diagrams.

My plan was to design the gearbox in solidworks and try multiple pump designs in GNU Octave however, I am un-sure on how to analyse oil pumps and the conditions they need to meet.


Any help would be hugely appreciated.



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What a great idea to commit yourself to a project you know nothing about! This is utter foolishness!! Engineers do not do such things.


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I rather doubt that you will ever get to the point where you fully understand the problem. Most of us find that there is always something more we can learn.


At the same time, it seems foolhardy to commit to designing something about which you know so little. There is nothing about which I know everything, yet I would undertake to design some things but not others. I would design those things about which I already know enough to make a good start. I would avoid attempting to design something about which I now know nothing. Do you see the difference?


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may I sugessted a simplify your dissertation. So you try your best performance to find out correlation  about transmission on oil motor sport beside re modelling in solid work. As I know before you try something, decide your purposed and goal. What are you really know and made a boundary hypothesis . So you can eliminate many factor that nothing correlation for your dissertation. Make sure your head journal research has been found out lately. SFMBE.

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