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Type of Engine - lets talk on this subject

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Very nice picture to understand the types of engines, there is an another one type engine, whih is called as Opposite Piston engine, where it has one cylinder for Two pistons. here you can see the picture of opposite piston engine.

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Based on the fuel consumption there are few types like

1. Petrol engine

2. Diesel engine

3. Gas engine

4. Electrical engine

Based on the Ignition process, there are two types they are,

1. Spark Ignition

2. Compression Igntion

Based on the No of cylinders,

1. Single cylinder engine

2. Multi cylinder engine

Based on No of strokes, there are three types

1. Two Stroke engine.

2. Four stroke engine.

3. Six Stroke engine.

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Six stroke engine has following work 


2:- compression

3:- ignition 


5:-air suction again


Actually those last two stroke is added in order to remove burnt gases which are little bit present after 4th stroke  engine. When fresh air come and if there is already some amount of burnt gases already present then there will be prblm in combustion process and it also somehow affect the efficiency of the engine . This is the main reason behind the concept of six stroke engine.

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