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袁春凤 (Tiffany)

The Great Wall automobile focuses on new energy layout in the future

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In 2018, the Great Wall launched the innovation of supporting operation mode, initially realizing the independent operation of the four major parts companies, and truly facing the market. Component companies combine their own business characteristics, through innovation and implementation of diversified operation mode, enhance market competitiveness, promote the overall efficiency of the group growth.

According to the plan, the Great Wall will develop toward cleanliness, intellectualization, networking and sharing in the future. While improving the quality of traditional vehicles, it will increase investment in new energy, intelligence and sharing. More vehicles will be launched in the field of hybrid power and pure electric power. At the same time, more vehicles will be launched through the development of hydrogen energy technology. Green and energy-saving products.

In the new energy sector, the Great Wall will launch 12 models of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles on five platforms by 2025, including three small pure electric vehicles (ME platform), one cross-border pure electric vehicle, and two compact pure electric vehicles (beam vehicles jointly owned with BMW). ), 4 medium and large plug-in hybrid cars and 2 large pure electric / fuel cell vehicles.

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli auto parts is also in line with the changes of the times and the progress of science and technology, according to the company's development planning line research and development of electronic water pumps-high efficiency pump plus thermal management valve-variable/electronic oil pump-electric water pump+TMM-TMM+


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