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The significance of automotive parts repair is to repair old and waste, reduce the consumption of new parts, thereby saving raw materials, energy and manpower for manufacturing parts.

The damage of automobile parts mainly includes four types: deformation, fracture, corrosion and wear. The first three types of damage are usually repaired by cold working, hot working or gluing. If the general parts deformation can be cold-pressed or hot-pressed after correction for mechanical repair; shaft parts can be broken by inlaying, welding, forging and other methods to repair; cylinder block water jacket cracks can be repaired by welding, riveting or adhesive methods. Parts wear is the most common damage. Parts that have not worn out beyond the specified repair size are processed according to repair size. Parts that have worn out beyond the repair size are repaired by surfacing, spraying, electroplating and other metal covering processes and adhesive methods.

Surfacing repairing is a repairing method in which a layer of metal is surfaced on the worn surface of a part and then processed to restore the part to its original size. The advantages of this method are as follows: the welding layer fuses with the substrate, and the bonding strength is high; the suitable electrode or wire can be selected according to the needs of the parts, so as to control the chemical composition of the surfacing layer. The disadvantage is that the parts have large deformation after welding. The surfacing method is manual surfacing and automatic surfacing. Manual surfacing has two processes: arc welding and oxygen acetylene welding. Manual surfacing equipment is simple and widely used in automobile maintenance enterprises.


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