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The significance of automotive parts repair is to repair old and waste, reduce the consumption of new parts, thereby saving raw materials, energy and manpower for manufacturing parts.

The damage of automobile parts mainly includes four types: deformation, fracture, corrosion and wear. The first three types of damage are usually repaired by cold working, hot working or gluing. If the general parts deformation can be cold-pressed or hot-pressed after correction for mechanical repair; shaft parts can be broken by inlaying, welding, forging and other methods to repair; cylinder block water jacket cracks can be repaired by welding, riveting or adhesive methods. Parts wear is the most common damage. Parts that have not worn out beyond the specified repair size are processed according to repair size. Parts that have worn out beyond the repair size are repaired by surfacing, spraying, electroplating and other metal covering processes and adhesive methods.

Spraying Repair This method uses high-speed airflow to spray the molten metal onto the worn surface of the part to restore its original size. The spraying process includes arc spraying, air spraying and plasma spraying. The spray coating formed by various spraying is made up of small metal particles. Each particle is coated with an oxide film, and the particles and the matrix metal are simply mechanically squeezed together, without fusion, so the general strength of the sprayed coating itself and the bonding strength of the sprayed coating with the substrate is not high (14kg/mm2). There are about 10% pores in the spray coating, which is beneficial to the adsorption of lubricant film, but not conducive to the impact load and greater contact stress.

Oxygen acetylene flame is used for gas spraying to melt metals, which are sprayed onto the surface of the parts by compressed air. The characteristics and uses of air spraying are the same as those of electric spraying.


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