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Viscosity tester is used to measure the intrinsic viscosity of polymer solution. It is suitable for the intrinsic viscosity measurement of synthetic fiber industry, printing and dyeing industry, rubber industry and petrochemical industry.

The viscosity tester has the following characteristics:

1. The instrument is measured by capillary viscometer (modified Uli viscosity tube) and 2--5 samples can be measured at one time.

2. Using computer control, screen display, Windows interface, automatic determination process, sample preparation, the entire determination process without manual intervention.

3. Solvent, the number of measurements of the liquid under test and the balance time between sample temperature and sink can be set manually and timed automatically.

4, the water tank temperature is set at 50 degrees, automatically adjust.

5, the results are printed and output, and the output is perfect and intuitive.

6, equipped with circulating water refrigeration system.

7. The instrument is simple to operate, easy to use and reliable in performance.

Feilong Jiangli rubber parts viscosity testing professional and efficient, welcome to order customized automotive rubber products.


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