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[Feilong Jiangli Edition]Rubber is mainly made of raw rubber, and raw rubber (raw rubber) is made by adding proper amount of coordination agent. Raw rubber is the main raw material of rubber industry. According to its source, it can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It is a kind of high elastic material which is made from the latex collected from tropical rubber tree and solidified, dried and pressurized. After processing, natural rubber is usually flaky solid, and its monomer is isoprene diene, synthetic rubber. Coal, petroleum and natural gas are mainly used as raw materials by chemical synthesis methods, which can be divided into general and special categories according to their properties and uses. The properties of general synthetic rubber are similar to those of natural rubber, and their physical properties, mechanical properties and processability are better. Special synthetic rubber has some special properties, such as heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. There are more kinds of synthetic rubber, such as styrene butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, neoprene rubber and nitrile rubber.

In order to improve the properties of rubber products, vulcanizing agents, vulcanizing accelerators, reinforcing agents, softening agents, antioxidants and other vulcanizing agents have similar effects to those of plastics, such as sulphur and selenium oxide. Zinc oxide, alumina, magnesium oxide and aldehyde amine organic compounds are commonly used; reinforcing agents are used to improve the mechanical properties, wear resistance and tear resistance of rubber, such as carbon black, silica, talc powder are commonly used; softeners can improve the flexibility and plasticity of rubber; antioxidants are mainly to prevent rubber aging.

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