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[Feilong Jiangli Edition]

Engine oil should be selected with a higher API level. Do not lower than the requirements of engine manufacturers. The higher the grade is, the better it is to protect your engine; even the lower grade engine can benefit from the higher grade oil.

The most suitable SAE viscosity. When a new car, try to choose the viscosity level recommended by the engine manufacturer, or according to local temperature changes, the appropriate choice may include the viscosity recommended by the engine manufacturer products.

Compared with the models produced before the 1990s, modern high-pressure and high-horsepower diesel engines adopt the technologies of direct injection, turbocharging and intercooling in order to greatly increase the power of diesel engines. The temperature of combustion chamber and piston rises greatly, which accelerates the consumption of engine oil and oxygen. In addition, to improve the emission, increase the position of the first ring groove and make the temperature of the first ring groove increase. The degree is greatly increased and carbon deposition is easier. In addition, for the engine with electronically controlled injection, the overall state requirement is more precise. All of these have increased the scale of lubricating oil work. The long-term use of CD grade diesel engine oil in China is no longer competent to use CH-4 grade diesel engine oil.

When choosing oil, the quality level is generally determined first. For example, the choice of SL or SN for gasoline engine oil, CH4 or CI-4 for diesel engine oil, and the choice of viscosity according to vehicle type/condition and season.


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