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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

The housekeeper of the car engine-water pump

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Water Pump is integral parts of cooling system and has important roll to circulate the coolant through engine block water jacket and radiator. Feilong Jiangli is famous of its auto water pumps.

In the cylinder of the automobile engine, there are many waterways for cooling water circulation. The waterways connected with the radiator in front of the car (commonly known as the water tank) by the water pipe. They constitute a large water circulation system.

A pump which is driving by the fan belt is equipped on the engine's upper outlet. The pump pumps out the hot water in the engine cylinder and pumps the cold water into it. Beside the pump there is also a thermostat, when the car just started (cold car), it does not open, so that the cooling water can’t go through the water tank, only cycling in the engine (commonly known as small circulation), when the engine temperature reached more than 95 degrees, the thermostat will open, the engine's hot water was pumped into the tank, the cold wind from the car moves past the tank and takes away the heat. Feilong water pump is acting an important role in the automobile parts market.

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