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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Resistance adjustable shock absorber

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The suspension system with adjustable resistance damper adopts air spring with variable stiffness, which can adapt to different road surface and driving style.

The working principle of the drag-adjustable shock absorber is that when the load of the vehicle increases, the air pressure in the air bag rises, and the air pressure in the air chamber rises accordingly, so that the diaphragm moves downward to balance the pressure produced by the spring. At the same time, the diaphragm drives the plunger rod and the plunger connected with the diaphragm to move downward, which changes the position of the plunger relative to the throttle orifice on the hollow connecting rod. As a result, the cross-section area of the throttle orifice is reduced, that is, the flow rate of oil through the throttle orifice is reduced, thus increasing the oil flow resistance. On the contrary, when the vehicle load decreases, the plunger moves up and the cross-section area of the throttle orifice is enlarged, thus reducing the flow resistance of the oil. Therefore, the resistance of the shock absorber is changed with the change of vehicle load.

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