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How much harm do you know about the low quality gasoline?

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Gasoline provides powers to cars. However, have you ever thought about how good or bad gasoline will affect your car? Now, the Feilong Jiang Li, will tell you what harm the inferior gasoline will cause to the car.

Firstly, the inferior gasoline will damage the Three-Way Catalytic Converter.

Three-way catalytic converter is an external purifying device for automobile exhaust, which can convert harmful gases such as CO, HC and NOx into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. The gasoline containing impurities can not be burned sufficiently, will cause exhaust gas is not smooth, a long time will also lead to unqualified tail gas. At the same time, if there are more impurities in the tail gas, it will adhere to the three-way catalytic converter, thus causing damage to the three-way catalytic converter.

Secondly, the inferior gasoline will plug the oil circuit.

Poor gasoline contains a lot of impurities, so it is easy to plug the oil circuit. When the engine runs, inferior gasoline is full of fuel supply system. The components with small holes or filter function, such as oil pump filter, gasoline filter and fuel nozzle, are easily blocked by impurities in inferior gasoline, which makes the fuel supply not smooth, thus causing the engine to shake, fail to keep up with the oil and stall, or directly unable to start.

Thirdly, the inferior gasoline will cause the carbon deposition.

Impurities in poor gasoline can not be fully burned and form carbon deposition in the engine cylinder. Even if the impurities pass through the filter, they will silt up in the intake valve, intake port, cylinder, and form a hard deposit for a long time. It has an adsorption effect on gasoline, will cause the mixture thin, affecting the work of the engine. What is more serious is that the colloid sticks to the valve and the piston collides with the unreturned valve when it goes up, resulting in engine damage.

A warm reminder of the Feilong Jiangli is that refueling the car of high quality gasoline, to make your car more efficient.

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