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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Auto parts process series-Die forging for parts blank

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The forging method of prefabricating the die chamber with the same shape as the forging piece on the high strength metal forging die so that the blank is pressed and deformed in the die chamber.

Characteristics and applications of die forging:

(1) higher productivity

(2) forging size is accurate and machining allowance is small.

(3) forging with complicated shape can be forged.

(4) material utilization rate is high.

It is mainly used for producing complex forging parts in batch and mass production.

Die forging equipment

According to the use of equipment, die forging can be divided into hammer die forging and press die forging. The former uses a forging press and the latter is a press. The forging technology on the hammer is good. It is a common die forging method.

forging die

Forging dies are tools for hot forging. The forging die cavity is made into the corresponding shape which is opposite to the required forging, and is properly typed. The forging blank is heated to the recrystallization temperature of the metal and placed on the forging die. Then the blank is forged into a forging with a flying edge or a minimal flying edge by the pressure of the forging equipment.

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