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The phenomenon of loss of metal in the relative movement of parts is known as the wear of parts. The occurrence of wear will cause changes in the shape, size and surface properties of the parts, which will gradually reduce the working performance of the parts. Wear is sometimes beneficial, such as running-in. According to different friction principles, wear can be divided into abrasive wear, adhesive wear, fatigue wear and corrosion wear.

Then, what is adhesive wear?   

When the oil film on the metal surface is destroyed, the friction surface is directly contacted with each other, and adhesive wear occurs, which causes the metal on one part surface to transfer to another part surface. It is mainly caused by heavy metal surface and high temperature.

Factors affecting adhesive wear:

The influence of material properties. Brittle materials are better than plastic materials, and the surface roughness of parts is affected. The higher the smoothness, the smaller the wear volume; the effect of lubricating oil. To ensure sufficient lubricating oil, and to ensure that the viscosity of lubricating oil and working temperature, the surface of the parts of the oxide film is not easy to be destroyed; the impact of movement speed and unit area pressure. The higher the speed of the parts and the greater the load, the easier the adhesive wear is.

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