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Mechanical Engineering
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Can I become a mechanical engineer at this point?


I'm a 14 year old 9th grader, who was pushed back one grade in math from the USA average, which lands me in an entire other year of Pre-Algerba while all my friends are in Algerba 2 (My school has relatively high standards). I am looking to become a mechanical engineer but I'm afraid I won't be capable from my math skills and stance at the moment. I have a 89.50% average in Pre-Algerba incase that will be important later. My GPA is currently 3.75 if it's not weighted and taken straight from all of my class averages. Can I become an engineer and/or learn the required mathematics, physics, and other subjects required to become what I want to be? I'm planning on going to the University of Arkansas when I graduate high school and taking classes to get a masters degree in mechanical engineering . Thanks.

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This is an answer long-after the post - for which I apologise - but I hope of use!

It is not really about initial grades, but about ability to interpret systems and gain understanding and apply that understanding.  I have known some great engineers who could barely add two plus two, but they understood mechanics and engineering...similarly I have known some fantastic mathematical engineers who I wouldn't trust to tighten a bolt!

Maths IS mechanical.  If you are struggling with algebra, it is likely something very early that you have missed that has 'bucked' your understanding.  I would grab a very basic first introduction book on algebra and read it from the beginning...you may find the "bit" you missed.  If that doesn't work, try and understand what other principles are involved where you start to struggle...then address those shortcomings. 

Something I learned the hard way a good few years back....you never actually LEARN by getting things right....it is only when something becomes a struggle or goes wrong the real learning begins!

Maths is very much like a flight of steps, each step resting on the one below.  If the lower step is missing, the one on top will fall down. 

Good luck!


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