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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Early damage of turbocharger caused by improper operation

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The service life of turbochargers on automobiles should be more than 150,000 kilometers if they are properly used and maintained. However, due to the improper operation of some drivers and maintenance personnel irregular maintenance: it will cause unnecessary damage to the turbocharger, so as to shorten its service life.

Modern cars can start without preheating after starting, but engines with turbochargers must idle for a few minutes before starting. If the engine starts as soon as it is started, the turbocharger rotor bearing will not be fully lubricated before high-speed operation, resulting in the early damage of the rotor floating bearing.

Increasing the throttle load immediately after starting will accelerate the wear and tear between the rotor shaft and the floating bearing because of the oil-free lubrication of the supercharger bearing, and even jam.

The engine suddenly stalls at high speed, while the rotor in the turbocharger is still spinning at high speed due to inertia, which will cause the floating bearings to be worn out or even ablated due to high temperature and lack of lubrication.

The engine with turbocharger can not run idle for a long time. Because when the engine is idling for a long time, there is negative pressure behind the turbocharger turbine and the compressor impeller. Under the pressure difference, the oil from the floating bearing will leak out. This is also one of the reasons why the turbocharger engine often has less oil.

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