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The Function of Electronic Water Pump

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The main function of the electronic water pump is to cool the oil at the turbine shaft after quenching. The outer part of the turbine shaft is wrapped by oil. Because the oil inlet is much larger than the oil outlet, oil film will be set up between the turbine shaft and the casing under the action of oil pressure to lubricate the turbine shaft, and take away part of the heat of the turbine (the heat carried by the oil eventually passes out through the oil pan and the oil cooler); and the oil contacts with the turbine shaft. The outer part of the turbine shell is enclosed by cooling water. Similarly, because the inlet is much larger than the outlet, there will be a certain pressure in the cooling water between the shells. But the main purpose of the pressure is to ensure that the cooling water keeps good contact with the shell and to ensure adequate cooling effect. Turbine blade rotation is generated by the impact of exhaust gas after the engine works. In addition to the heat of exhaust gas, some kinetic energy of exhaust gas in the process of impacting the turbine blade will also be transformed into heat energy, so the turbine will become very hot. If the turbine shaft can not be cooled in time, the oil will become very thin due to high temperature, unable to establish enough oil film to ensure the lubrication of the turbine shaft, and because of the high temperature, the oil is very easy to oxidize and deteriorate, resulting in the malignant consequences of engine lubrication system failure. Therefore, forced cooling at the turbine shaft is necessary. When the vehicle is in operation, the engine pump will provide enough cooling water circulation. Once the vehicle goes out, because the turbine blade will continue to rotate due to inertia, so the bearing part of the turbine shaft must contain a small amount of oil to avoid wear of the journal, so the electronic pump will work for a period of time to provide enough cooling water to cool the oil at the turbine shaft, so as to avoid the oil caused by the turbine overheating. Deteriorate and damage the engine.

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