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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Application of New Automobile Materials to Better Environment

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Renewable plastics have been used as building materials. In recent years, many automobile manufacturers have also "stared" on all kinds of bio based plastics. For example, some environmental protection parts of Ford Motor Co have been put into use: the central console made of reinforced cellulose materials; the materials extracted from coconut and cotton are used for automobile carpets and cushions; soybean foam materials. Material is used for elastic head cushions and car seat cushions. In addition, renewable materials derived from plant materials are widely used in BMW's electric vehicles and parts of Toyota's models. Many automobile manufacturers express the hope that these environmentally friendly materials will be further extended to other mass-produced vehicles in the future. Some people in the automotive industry said that "the use of renewable plastics in automotive manufacturing is actually not very different for consumers", but for consumers, manufacturers, plastic recycling industry, more will be to stimulate environmental resonance, promote the concept of automotive industry, plastic recycling industry, technology development. "From 2025, at least 25% of the plastic used in every new car we launch will be made of renewable materials." Not only is it a self-goal of an automobile brand, but it also promotes the automotive industry to incorporate recycling of plastic into its design and manufacturing.

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