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Erica Zhu Feilong Jiangli

Advanced Image Sensor Enhanced Vehicle Safety System

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Safety organizations around the world believe that up to 25% of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Vehicle global shutter image sensor can enhance driver monitoring function, reduce injury and save lives. Accurate sensing also helps the automatic driving system to assess the adaptability of human drivers to take over the car at any time during the journey, and simplify the transition between manual and automatic driving modes, thus providing driving comfort and safety. By capturing the scene illuminated by the camera, the image sensor enhances the monitoring of vehicle passengers and eliminates unpredictable external effects such as sunlight and street lighting. The quality of the images captured is excellent, which can make the driver's monitoring system more sensitive (especially near 940 nm near infrared illumination), and can evaluate the driver's attention, passenger comfort or children's behavior. The new sensor incorporates the global shutter technology of Italian Semiconductor, which can greatly reduce the lighting power consumption even in the highly dynamic ranging mode. It can monitor the position and movement of all passengers, evaluate the driver's condition, and accurately investigate the position and movement of other passengers, so as to improve safety.

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli always insists on safety first.

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