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Continental intelligent door pushing system can automatically switch the door and even detect obstacles

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Chongqing Feilong Jiangli understands that Continental, a technology company, is optimizing the relationship between safety and convenience with its smart door solutions. According to the inquiry of Chongqing Feilong, intelligent door braking system and intelligent automatic door system are introduced in mainland China, which can open and close the door conveniently and prevent the door from slamming uncontrollably. In addition, intelligent door solutions in mainland China also have obstacle detection function, which can improve road traffic safety and prevent dents and paint scratches on the door.

The intelligent automatic door system is also an essential function of automatic driving. Even in the absence of an operator or door handle, an unmanned vehicle must be able to automatically open and close the door in order to cope with different actual situations and allow passengers to get off and get off easily.

Continental Group also introduced an electric door control function, which can support automatic door opening and closing, and has anti-pinch protection function to protect passengers' fingers, hands or belongings from squeezing. Johann Hiebl, Head of Body & Safety Business of Continental Group, said: "By connecting with our Passive Start and Passive Access Control System (PASE), the doors can be opened automatically at the right time and passengers will not be touched. In addition, the door can recognize specific users and open on the right side.

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