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Basic Safety Interview Question and Answer-2019 !!


Basic Safety Interview Questions & Answers 2019!!

These may be among the easiest and most common basic Safety questions 2019 for mechanical engineers to answer during an interview. Often tailored to your sub discipline of mechanical engineering, these safety questions will test both basic and detailed knowledge, so it may be a good idea to brush up on your definitions before heading into the interview.

Mechanical engineers can expect to see these safety questions and many others during the course of a job interview. If you don’t know the exact definition of a tool or term, try to provide the best description you can and talk about how it’s used in your everyday work. This will show the interviewer that you know how things work and understand their relevance to the job.

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In this video you can find basic safety interview question and answer 2019 which is reference for industrial purpose.

This question is very helpful for fresher engineer who are willing to build career abroad.

Here we list up question which you can find in the video:

Question Number 1: What do you mean by First Aid?

Answer: First Aid is immediate and temporary care given to a person who affected accidental injury or a sudden illness before the arrival of doctor.

Question Number 3: What is an accident?
Answer: An accident is an unexpected and unforeseen event which may or may not injury to a person or a machine tool.

Question Number 4: What are the precautions to be taken to avoid fire?


1) The buckets along with sand should be placed inside the workshop.
2) Switches and other electrical parts must be made of fireproof material.
3) Carbon dioxide gas should be place at required points in special containers.
4) Fire extinguishers of suitable type should be placed at accessible places.



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