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Mechanical Engineering
Gerardo Padilla

How can i get the moment of inertia?

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Hi guys, i am very lost with this problem from my materials class. I need to calculate de maximum efforts of the fibers of the beam. 

O = MC/I

I is the moment of inertia of the cross section and i really do not know how to get that since i think i do not have enough information of the C beams.

M is the flexionant intern moment of the beam. 

C Distance from the neutral axis to the extern fibers of the beam.

I would really appreciate your help.


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Looks like you have the dimensions of the channels (10 x 15.3). Do you know if those are inside dimension, outside dimension, or what? I would suggest you go to a steel design book which will probably give you I for the section.

The loading diagram indicates that w = w(x), a variable loading, so you will need to express that mathematically and then integrate twice to get the moment, M(x). From there on, it should be easy.


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Failing that, it is the area integral over the direction applied squared...ie if x direction its the area integral of the y^2 area and if the y direction its the area integral of the x^2  area...



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