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A fan coil unit is the name of the device which uses a coil and a fan to heat or cool a room without connecting to duct work. These devices are systems or machines that eliminates hot air and replace it with cold and humid air by circulating cooling the air. 

A Fan coil unit is a device that includes fan blower and coil for heat exchange. The task of this machine is to release air into the desired space. Cooling of cold water inside the coil (supplied through the chiller) and passing air from this cooling coil cause cool air.


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The Fan coil unit Compact HVAC option simulates a 4 pipe fan coil unit with hot water heating coil, chilled water cooling coil, and an outside air mixer. The fan coil units are zone equipment units which are assembled from other components. Fan coils contain an outdoor air mixer, a fan, a simple heating coil and a cooling coil. The fan coil unit is connected to a hot water loop (demand side) through its hot water coil and to a chilled water loop (demand side) through its cooling coil. 

Here is the diagram of the whole Fan coil unit:



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