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Mechanical Engineering
Ammar Burhani

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) material properties identification

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I have question on how to determine the material properties of CFRP such as Young's modulus (E11, E22, E33), shear modulus (G12, G13, G23) and Poisson's ratios (V21, V13, V32). Since composite is consider as neither isometric or orthotropic material, it is location and direction dependent material. Im trying to model this structure made from this material using finite element  modelling but lack of certain properties.

I know that for E11, E22 and V12 (for the case of woven fabric) I can obtain from the tensile test ASTM D3039 and G12 from ASTM D3518. But how to can I find the other value. Is there any calculation I can refer to?

Any suggestion and comments are welcome.

Thank you very much.

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